Keep Picture and Videos Safe on your iPhone with Secret Photo Vault!

Keep Picture and Videos Safe on your iPhone with Secret Photo Vault!
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Picture this: Kick starting a trip so as to bring tons of precious moments together. You’d capture that time in photos, videos (and sometimes in audios as well). Well, the trip is over and you are back with many amazing yet private memories. However, what frightens you most is, if someone happen to investigate your phone. Phew!

Getting snaps clicked is natural but someone peeping into it… isn’t!

So what’s the hack? Getting a nifty app- Secret Photo Vault!

If we were to describe this app in one word, we’d say, it’s ‘Savage’.

Secret Photo Vault – Keep Picture and Videos Safe

More often than not, you go out of the way in order to safeguard various files and folders on iPhone. Typically, you’d download an app that would lock your apps with a security measure and thereby protect them. But that isn’t the case with Secret Photo Vault.

Secret Photo Vault


A brief know-how of the app!

Protected with your private passcode, Secret Photo Vault safeguards all your images in a few simple taps. The app allows users to add ‘n’ number of albums and effortlessly categorize their pictures. These albums can be further protected with another unique passcode.


Isn’t that convincing? Secret Photo Vault has many other amazing features to entice you!

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Amazing Features of Secret Photo Vault

  • Alter Image Quality: Some of your images must be real good quality and HEAVY AS WELL. But that isn’t challenging with Secret Photo Vault. Within the Settings of this app, you can change the quality of your image. Tap on Optimized Quality from the Image Quality option and you’ll get the apt image resolution for photo.


  • Change Passcode: Once set Passcode isn’t inalterable. You can change it anytime. The option is enabled within Passcode Settings. Apart from changing the Passcode, you’d also get to change your recovery email id and you can add one if you haven’t added yet.
  • iTunes Sync: How about if we tell you that you can sync iTunes and import your photos from mac to your iPhone? Well, there a few steps that you need to follow for this. Plugin your handset with your Mac> go to iTunes> launch your device> tap apps> Open Secret Photo Vault> Select any photo and add it to Secret Photo Vault. But do note, these images find their space on the default folder of this app, which is ‘Photo Album’.
  • Easy Recovery of Passcode: Many a times you might forget your private Passcode. But that’s not a matter with Secret Photo Vault. You’d easily get your Passcode on your recovery email ID if happen to press wrong Passcode 10 times on the app. Yes, we know it’s as easy as pie!
  • No Additional Space Hogging: Duplicity is the mother of space hogging. However, Secret Photo Vault completely avoids it. It confirms you to delete images when adding them on the app. Having said that, if you have secured all your photos with this app, then keep the app utter safety. Else, you might even lose all your precious photos as well.
  • Support every app you have: Most certainly you must be having other messenger and social media apps. For your convenience, Secret Photo Vault is designed to support them as well. You can direct save any photo from any specific app to Secret Photo Vault.

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So are we done with all feature? Not yet!

  • You can import or export hundreds and thousands of photos with this app.
  • Your protected photo albums will never show up a Thumbnail.
  • You can directly export a photo from your Photos Library.
  • Move any image to folders within the app.

Secret Photo Vault

Secret Photo Vault is canny way to protect photos. And also keep them at bay from peeps!

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