10 Best Registry Cleaner Software to Optimize Windows PC 2018

Well if you’re a basic user, you wouldn’t really understand the technical glitches that cause your computer behave indifferently. You must have blamed abundant data on disk, defragment and other such issues for its sluggishness. Apparently, they make your system unresponsive, yet other specifications add up to that. One such issue is Registry errors on your system. Before we go any further, let’s have an understanding about Windows Registry.

Windows Registry are the database of settings for the Windows operating system as well as the installed applications that opt to use Registry. More often, Windows systems omit to remove outdated and wrong entries. Such entries further cause litter on your system and make it unresponsive. In order to get rid of such wackiness, you can opt for one of the best registry cleaner software for your windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and other versions.

Registry Cleaners play a crucial role for Windows including scanning the system, detecting errors and fix malicious bugs. 

Best Registry Cleaner for Windows 10/8/7/xp:

1. RegClean Pro:

RegClean pro by Systweak Best Registry Cleaner

The first software on our list is RegClean Pro. As mentioned, the tool scans your system for registry errors, notify users about it and remove them in a click. The intuitive interface of the tool makes it handy and preferable. Further, the tool is accurate and ensure smooth running system with every scan. In addition, RegCleanPro is compatible with all versions of Windows. 

2. CCleaner:

Piriform Cclener registry cleaner for windows 10

CCleaner is one of the best registry cleaner tool on our list. After the tool has scanned a system for registry errors, it prompts users to remove them. The tool also backup registry before removing them. Further, it’s supports all major versions of Windows including 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

Purchase CCleaner Here

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3. RegistryCleanerKit:

Uniblue registrycleaner kit Best registry cleaner for windows

Like other registry cleaner software for Windows, RegistryCleanerKit also scan system for registry errors. The software lists all issues on its results page thereafter and prompt users to clean them. Upon cleaning your system with RegistryCleanerKit, the software claims clean up fragmented data on registry, prevent PC error messages and system crashes.

Purchase RegistryCleanerKit Here

4. Wise Registry Cleaner:

wise registry cleaner optimize windows registry

Wise Registry Cleaner quickly scans system for registry errors and remove them in a jiffy. The tool also supports schedule scanning and notifies users about the issues aptly. It separately lists critical and normal issues, which helps users figure out clutter on their system. The tool is available for free and also supports all major versions of Windows.

Purchase Wise Registry Cleaner Here

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5. Registry Reviver:

registry-reviver-for best registry optimization

It is another registry repair software in the list. Like others, Registry Reviver also helps you streamline and maintain registry on your Windows system. This is ultimate software to clean registry which happens to be quite quick with scanning and probing registry errors. After it has detected all pertaining errors, you can remove them in a click. Registry Reviver ensures to reduce start up time on Windows. The tool has two versions, paid and free.

Download Registry Reviver Here

Purchase Registry Reviver Here

6. Registry Tuner:


In addition to scanning and detecting registry errors, Registry Tuner scans drivers and remove corrupt entries. The tool ensures to speed up start up time and optimize system for smooth performance. This tool is also available in free and paid versions. The free version offers accessibility for 30 days, thereafter users are required to get the licensed key to continue using the tool.

Download Registry Tuner Here

Purchase Registry Tuner Here

7. Comodo PC Tune-Up:

comodo pc tuneup optimize windows registry

PC Tune-Up is an all in one tool. Along with scanning and detecting registry errors, it also optimizes boot time, cleans junk from the disk and fix windows errors. Its instant scanner fixes all Windows issues in a jiffy. Developed by Comodo Group, the tool is a paid registry cleaner software. Get the app here

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8. Advanced Registry Doctor PRO:

advanced registry doctor pro

Advanced Registry Doctor PRO is another handy software in the list of best registry cleaner software. It scans system for the registry errors. Once detected, it notifies users and remove them upon confirmation. The tool also backup registry entries before deleting them. These backed up registries can also be restored if any wrongdoing is found on the system. The tool is available in multiple languages and also supports scheduled scanning. Advanced Registry Doctor PRO is available in two versions namely, PRO and Lite. Both the versions are paid, however, the PRO version has some additional features. Get the app here

9. JetClean:


Developed by BlueSprig, JetClean is a free software. The tool scans the system in a few seconds and help removing cluttered registry entries. With its intuitive interface, JetClean Pro quickly removes registry errors. Get the app here

10. Registry First Aid:


Registry First Aid scans through your system for invalid or wrong registry entries. The tool also supports backup and scheduled scanning. In addition, the tool is available in two versions, viz. paid and free. The paid version supports a few more features when compared with the free one.

Purchase Registry First Aid Here

These are 10 best registry cleaner software for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and other versions. Registry entries are an essential database in Windows operating system. Invalid, wrong or any other error in registry can cause your system to function abruptly. In order to avoid this, you should use a registry cleaner software.

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