10 Best Driver Updater Software for Windows 2018

10 Best Driver Updater Software for Windows 2018

More often, computer users have faced issues with proper coordination between hardware and software. This happens when the system drivers aren’t updated and faces issues with streamlining the system functions. Before we go any further, lets understand why drivers are essential in your system.

These are software that forms a connection between hardware and software on your system. You often face such issues when your system drivers have become outdated and have difficulty responding to your commands. In order to address this, you should update drivers on your system. This can be done with the help of software designed to update drivers on a Windows computer. Herein, we have listed 10 best driver update software that can help your system work seamlessly.

The Best Driver Updater Tools for Windows 10/8/7/XP:

1. Advanced Driver Updater:

ADU Home Screen

Developed by Systweak Software, Advanced Driver Updater is a nifty software to update drivers on your system. You simply have to scan your system after installing the software. It would figure out outdated drivers thereafter and seeks your permission to update them. In addition to this, Advanced Driver Updater allows you take backup of drivers on your system, which can be restored anytime. Further, the software is available in multiple languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, etc. and is also compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Download Advanced Driver Updater here.

2. Smart Driver Updater:


Smart Driver Updater is another software in our list of best driver update software. This software too scans your system and notifies you about the outdated drivers existing on your system. After careful review, you can update them in a click. Apart from this, Smart Driver Update also supports driver backup and restoration and scheduled scanning features. Further, it is compatible with all versions of Windows.

Purchase Smart Driver Updater Here

3. Driver Reviver:


Developed by ReviverSoft, Driver Reviver helps you find outdated drivers on your system and allows you to update them in a click. The software eliminates the risk of downloading a faulty or infected driver, thereby safeguarding you from taking any wrong stuff in your system. In addition, this software is easy to use, equipped with canny features such as driver backup and restoration.

Purchase Driver Reviver Here

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4. WinZip Driver Updater:

winzip-driver-updater best driver updater

Developed by WinZip System Tools, WinZip Driver Updater ensures that your system works smooth by updating its drivers. Like others, this tool too scans your system and detects the obsolete drivers which cause sluggishness to your system. Upon scanning, you can choose drivers to update immediately and the ones that can wait to get updated after a while. The software claims to make a system faster and more stable with its usage.

Purchase Winzip Driver Updater Here

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5. Driver Easy:


Like others, Driver Easy too scans the system and dig out outdated and missing drivers in it. You can update them with a click. Apart from this, you can also backup and restore drivers with Driver Easy and uninstall removed hardware driver. The software is available for free trial on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. You can use the pro version after using the software in trial version and testing its authenticity.

Purchase Driver Easy Here

6. Driver Navigator:


Developed by Easeware Technology Ltd., Driver Navigator is another driver updater software on our list. The tool does works similar to other driver updater software in the lot, however, it is designed with a striking UI. The tool is also compatible with all versions of Windows and ensure optimized performance with each scan.

Purchase Driver Navigator Here

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7. Driver Checker:


Driver Checker ensures your system is equipped with all essential drivers, through its canny features. Primarily, its scans, detects and fixes driver issues on your PC. Apart from this, you can backup, restore, uninstall and export drivers on your system, using Driver Checker. The tool also gives you a detailed report of its scanning with outdated drivers mentioned clearly in it. Additionally, you can search drivers for your system, using the webpage of this software.

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8. Driver Genius:


Driver Genius detects missing and obsolete drivers on a PC, upon scan. The tool is also designed with automatic driver update feature, which ensures minimal efforts from the user. The tool also allows easy driver backup and one click restoration. Driver Genius also monitors your hardware temperature and protects your CPU, GPU and HDD. It is compatible with all versions of Windows and is available for free.

Purchase Driver Genius Here

9. Driver Support:


Driver Support assess the state of your computer devices by scanning its drivers. Upon scan, it notifies you about the outdated and missing drivers which also happens to slow down your system. You can click on the download button and follow the installation instructions to update drivers. It’s an intuitive tool that allows you keep your system optimized and smooth.

10. DriverHive:


Developed by Bootstrap Software Development, DriverHive is another software in the list of best driver update software for Windows. The software works like other similar tools, however, it offers an intuitive UI. You can scan and repair driver errors and also manage them with this nifty software. Further, it is supported on all versions of Windows.

Here are the 10 best driver updater software for Windows 10, 8, 7 and other versions that you can use if your system has become considerably slow and need little tweaking. These help you to boost and optimize your system performance in a jiffy!

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