5 Best Password Managers That Will Give you the Best Protection!
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5 Best Password Managers That Will Give you the Best Protection!

Even the staunchest digital technology avoider has at least a couple of password-protected accounts online. It’s given that an average person will have quite a few. Have you ever wondered how to manage and remember these many passwords and keep them secure?

Things become cumbersome when you have multiple email accounts, bank passwords, official account passwords, social media account passwords, credit card pins, secret files and even online shopping accounts!

The common practice to remember passwords is to first make them simple (your nickname, pet name, your car’s number etc.). Next is to note them down in some sort of personal notebook. You can continue with this practice until you lose your diary or someone decided to steal it. And we all know that keeping all those passwords in your head is rather impossible!

The next best option available is to use password managers to keep your passwords in a secure. These password managers allow you to keep all your passwords in a super safe place with the need to remember the only master password for your password manager account. It syncs all your data on various devices (and computers) to offer you hassle free transactions without the need to remember different passwords. In this article, we will discuss some of these useful password manager tools.

5 Best Password Managers 2017

1 1Password:


1Password remembers everything from email account passwords to credit card details and automatically signs you into your favorite website and helps you make transactions hassle-free. It helps you generate strong and unique passwords for your various accounts. By using 1Password, you can even decide with whom you want to share information and how they can use it. You can keep your information offline or sync it with iCloud, Dropbox or your local wireless network. It uses a potent AES-256 encryption and PBKDF2 key derivations to ensure your information remains safe. It offers various plans for families and teams to keep your passwords and other information safe.


It uses strong encryption method to keep your data secure.

Intuitive user-interface.

Uses advanced functions like WebCrypto for the secured and seamless experience.


Using 1passowrd is a bit lengthier as it offers a lot of functions.

2 LastPass:


LastPass was designed to simplify your digital life. Using this tool, you can store passwords and login details, generate strong passwords, create online shopping profiles, track personal information and more. All it requires is to do is to remember the LastPass master password.  You can use this useful tool to sync all of your passwords and login information across all your devices including tablets, personal computers, smartphones etc. Once you have stored information on this platform, it auto-fills all necessary information related to various accounts whenever you want to access them. It helps you create secure passwords using its built-in password generator. It uses strong AES-256-bit encryption to keep your data safe and secure. LastPass also offers enterprise solutions, created especially for big and small businesses.


Offers end-to-end encryption to keep your data safe.

Compatible with all devices.

Retrieves passwords anywhere.


A bit complicated to use.

3 Dashlane:


Dashlane password manager helps you keep your app and website passwords safe. It helps you organize all your passwords in one secure place so that you can access them anywhere and anytime you need them. It stores and auto-fills your details on your apps and websites reducing your manual efforts. It uses strong AES-256 encryption with 10,000+ rounds of PBKDF2 salt security to keep your data safe from malicious acts. You can save your passwords and other data away in Dashlane safe with one master password which is encrypted itself. You can take backup on cloud servers or on local-only storage option so you can access your data in case you have lost your device. You can access this data from home, office or from anywhere else on any of your device. Using this tool, you can add two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator to keep your data safe with an additional layer of security.


Offers Google two-factor authentication, making your personal data safe and secure.

Intuitive user-interface.

Integrated with your web browser.


Bit expensive in comparison to other tools.

4 True Key:

true-key password manager

This amazing product is offered by Intel Security which is known for its reliable products and services. In addition to a master password, it uses your face or fingerprint to provide you access to your account. It uses Multi-factor authentication (MFA) other than AES-256 bit encryption to keep your personal information safe. It asks for at least two factors (face, fingerprint or password) before being signed in. You can further customize your account to add more factors to increase security layer. You can try this amazing tool for a seamless experience.


Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication used to keep your personal information safe.

Easy and compatible with all devices.

Secure even if you are using your account on other user’s device.


Provides extensive security features which might not be useful to the average user.

5 RoboForm:


Next in the list if RoboForm, which is considered to be one of the most effective tools to keep your passwords information safe. You can keep all your passwords and other details in a secure place where you need to recall only your master password. Its bookmark-style Logins help you automatically log in to your favorite apps and websites. You can use this tools on various devices anywhere anytime. You can access RoboForm from your computer, Mac, Tablet or USB drive etc. It’s one license works across all your devices seamlessly and syncs data in between them.  It offers Form-Filler option to auto-fill all your information in lengthy forms to save your time and effort.


Form Filler facility is an add-on.

Simple and easy to use.


The free version offers limited features.

Password Managers helps you reduce your manual efforts and keep log in details of your various digital accounts secure and easily accesible. All you need to do is to remember one Master Password instead of several. These impressive tools are strongly recommended for users to keep their passwords safe and secure and ensure better cyber security easily.

Comparison Of 5 Best Password Managers 2017

Product Comparison


User-FriendlyStrong EncryptioncompatibilityUser-interfacePerformanceAuthenticationAdditional features
True Key       

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