13 Big Time Tech Disasters (Worse than Nightmares)

13 Big Time Tech Disasters (Worse than Nightmares)

Spoiler alert: Before goin’ any further, place your right hand on your heart if you’re a geek!

Learn from some other people’s mistakes—they say. But that’s not what we’ll probably recommend you in this scenario! Here are some horrifying tech images that are gonna hunt you down to your nightmares.


Check it out, and if you aren’t very tech friendly.

  1. A cup of coffee …isn’t always a good idea! (Well in some cases)


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2. Now this is what happens when you take the graphic designing classes way too seriously.

graphic-design3. RIP Logic


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4. God! Save your data. Seriously, whose idea was this?

save-your-data5. There’s a reason why these connectors phased out.

connecters6. When you love cooking stuff too much and your laptop becomes an essential ingredient.


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7. Wishing birthdays like these?

wishing-birthday8. Honestly this is just impressive!

laptop9. A huge round of applause for the lady!

scan-the-laptop10. Overheating issues? We got it fixed! (Permanently)


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11. When you plan on having a “candle light” dinner date with your beloved Mac.

candle-light-mac12. Need a lil extra hand?

want-lil-extra-hand13. Steve Jobs, will you be able to rest in peace after seeing this? We bet not!


P.S. Yes of course there was reason why we choose unlucky number 13 😉

Image Courtesy: Google.images

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