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15 Best Android Launcher Apps of 2017 – Fastest Android Launcher

Androids are developed with an environment to adapt to alternations in its display and working. For instance, you can install an application from an unknown source on your Android without any hurdle, yet the device will run smoothly (provided it’s not a malicious app). Similarly, Android is also open for display tweaking. You simply have to download one such app and you’ll get to see striking home screen on your handset.

With that said, home screen is one of the major elements that make our devices happening. More often, it helps users continue their workings on their devices. So to keep your Android phone intact, we have listed the best Android launcher apps that are capable of changing your experience from fade to fab. Here you go:

Best Android Launcher Apps 2017:-

1. Hola Launcher-Simple, Fast:

hola launcher simple fast

Our first app on the list is Hola Launcher-Simple, Fast. This is a powerful Android launcher app, along with being Android booster, battery saver, power, app and game manager. This app has thousands of themes available. Additionally, you can also design your own theme. One of the best feature of this app is Omni Swipe, which allows users launch any app without having to go to home screen. This Holaverse app is rated with 4.5 stars on Google Play Store. Get the app here.

2. Solo Launcher-Clean, Smooth, DIY:

Solo Launcher-Clean, Smooth, DIY

Developed by NewBornTown, Solo Launcher- Clean, Smooth, DIY is a widely used launcher app for Android. The DIY features of the app lets users personalize the interface on a device. The app also helps clean cache and boost the device. You can also search any information through this app. Additionally, the app will place your frequently used apps on the home screen and making it convenient to use smartphones. The app is rated with 4.5 stars by users. Get the app here.

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3. ZenUI Launcher-Theme, Wallpaper:

ZenUI Launcher-Theme, Wallpaper fastest android launcher

 ZenUI Launcher- Theme, Wallpaper allows you to apply themes, wallpapers and widgets, change app icons, apply scroll effect or transitions, and organize apps in folders. You can also lock apps on your phone using this nifty app. Additionally, you can search your apps, contacts or trending topics instantly with its Smart-search feature. The app is widely used by users all around and hence is rated with 4.7 stars on Play Store. Get the app here.

4. Nova Launcher:

Nova Launcher best android launcher app

 Developed by TeslaCoil Software, Nova Launcher is one of the best android launcher app that allows you to change home screen, app icons, and layout. You can also add animation on your device. You can also backup and restore your desktop layout and launcher settings. The app is available in free and pro version with certain variance in the features. The pro version features Hide Apps, Icon Swipes, Unread Counts, etc. This  app is rated with 4.7 stars by users. Get the app here.

5. Google Now Launcher:

Google Now Launcher best app on android

Google Now Launcher is the office launcher app of Google. This include all basic features such as wallpapers, widgets, etc. The app is widely used for its simplicity. This app also allows you to surf through Google with a swipe and search anything using your voice. This has also been known as one of the fastest launcher app for Android due to its simple interface design. “Google Now” has earned 4.3 stars from users and can be instantly downloaded via this play store link. Get the app here.

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6.  Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite:

Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite best launcher app on android

Developed by GO Dev Team, Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite is one of the 3D launcher app available out here. It offers Extremely fancy 3D effect with buttery smooth experience. The app is also equipped with Efficient and powerful batch apps management with gestures and amazing 3D screen preview with dazzling animation of screen switching. Apart from this, the developers also update their 3D Next widgets, themes and live wallpapers. This smart app with 4.4 stars in its count. Get the app here.

7.  Smart Launcher 3 (300+ Themes):

smart launcher 3

Smart Launcher 3 (300+ Themes) ensures that its smart, light and fast. The app has several themes with icon packs and widgets to personalize the home screen. It is light on system and saves RAM and battery. Additionally, it also offers security on devices by hiding apps from the grid and protect them with password. Used by millions of users, undoubtedly one of the best android launcher app found in Google market. Rated with 4.4 stars and can be quickly downloaded via this link. Get the app here.

8. Yahoo Aviate Launcher:

Yahoo Aviate Launcher best launcher

Developed by Yahoo, Yahoo Aviate Launcher automatically organizes apps and information on your device, so that you can quickly find what you need, when you need it. The app also helps you save battery, notifies you with weather reports, upcoming events and many more. You can search anything using this app. It is rated with 4.3 stars by users on Google Play Store. Get the app here.

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9. TSF Launcher 3D Shell:

TSF Launcher 3D Shell - best launcher on android

TSF Launcher 3D Shell is another 3D Android launcher app available. It is equipped with smart animation transition effects, 3D home screen layouts, widgets and much more. You can also use third-party themes on your device via this app. This free app is rated with 4.5 stars by users. Get the app here.

10. Arrow Launcher:

Arrow Launcher best android launcher

Developed by Microsoft Corporation, Arrow Launcher is the last app in our list of 10 best Android launcher apps. This app helps you arrange other apps on your device, get back to your recent activities such as phone calls, text message, photos, files, etc. You can also set reminder using this app and search contacts saved on your handset. In all, it’s a nifty app with 4.4 stars in its count. Get the app here.

11. Go Launcher Z:

Go Launcher Z - best launcher app on android

 Go Launcher is one slim, attractive and fastest android launcher app for your smartphone. It offers users with millions of unique themes and enhanced user experience. You would surely love to apply its animation effects in fresh and soothing colors. The app is loved by users across the globe. Rated with 4.5 stars, can be downloaded on Google Play store via this link. Get the app here.

12. Buzz Launcher:

Buzz Launcher best launcher on android

If ‘unique’ is what defines your style statement then this is the perfect app for your smartphone. The app was recently recognized and awarded as the best Personalization App for android. Buzz Launcher is an ad-free custom launcher and offers more than 1000,000 free themes to its users. The app is rated with 4.2 stars on Google play store and can be instantly downloaded via this link. Get the app here.

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13. Action Launcher 3:

Action Launcher 3

 Action Launcher brings a ton of thoughtful features plus tons of additional tweaks that you expect from an android launcher app. What makes it one of the best android launcher app is the reason that it allows you to import from your existing layout from other launcher apps as well. The app is rated with 4 stars by users and is free to download via Google Play store. Get the app here.

14. Atom Launcher:

Atom Launcher best launcher app on android

Atom Launcher allows you to use your Android Smartphone more easily and conveniently. Atom Launcher provides various services such as user settings on Home screen and application, or decoration settings with trendy themes. The app is delighted with 4 stars by user and can be availed for free via Google play store. Get the app here.

15. Lens Launcher:

Lens Launcher - fastest android launcher

Last but the not the least, comes the Lens launcher app. The app provides a unique, efficient way to browse and launch your apps. Lens Launcher also includes a full Settings menu to tweak all aspects of the Lens; Distortion, Scaling, Icon Size, Haptic Feedback, etc. the app offers an Equispaced Grid that displays all of your apps, regardless of screen size or app count. The app has been rewarded 4.2 stars by users and can be instantly download via Google play Store. Get the app here.

Up are our 10 best launcher apps for Android! These allow you to customize your phone display, app arrangement and other similar activities. While these smart and nifty apps, you should download them as per your need.

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