20 Best Android Launcher Apps of 2018 – Fastest Android Launcher

20 Best Android Launcher Apps of 2018 – Fastest Android Launcher

Android is designed to perpetually adapt to changing environment and user behavior. For instance, you can install an application from an unknown source on your Android without any hurdle, yet the device will run smoothly (provided it’s not a malicious app). Similarly, Android is also open for display tweaking. You simply have to download Best Android Launcher Apps and you’ll get to see striking home screen on your handset.

With that been said, home screen is one of the major elements that make our devices happening. More often, it helps users continue their workings on their devices. So to keep your Android phone intact, we have listed the best Android launcher apps for free that are capable of changing your experience from fade to fab. Here you go:

List of the Best Android Launcher 2018

1. Hola Launcher-Simple, Fast:

hola launcher simple fast

One of our favorites, on the list of best android launcher apps is Hola Launcher. The application is a hit amongst the users and has a rating of 4.5 stars. It’s amazing features, make it one of the most advanced launcher. You can quickly access your applications by sliding left to right. If you long tap the application list, it will sort the list of apps alphabetically. A user-friendly app, it boosts up the speed of games by 30% and helps you save battery as well. Get the app here.

2. Solo Launcher-Clean, Smooth, DIY:

Solo Launcher-Clean, Smooth, DIY

Solo launcher allows you to customize your device from scratch. You can set your favorite photos as app icons and can change actions for gestures. The application has a fast browsing speed. Features of this application are not just limited to being a launcher but also for cleaning junk from the device. This makes it a multipurpose app for your android smartphone. It is also considered as fastest android launcher. Get the app here.

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3. ZenUI Launcher-Theme, Wallpaper:

ZenUI Launcher-Theme, Wallpaper fastest android launcher

Use ZenUI launcher to change themes, icons and widgets. You can let go off the app locker application if you have this launcher on your device as it allows the user to lock applications as well. It also has a feature like Spotlight on iPhone which lets you scroll down the home screen to find apps or anything else on your device.

Get the app here.

4. Nova Launcher:

Nova Launcher best android launcher app

Like the iPhones, this launcher adds the 3D touch feature to your Android. It can be used to access basic features of any application without opening it. For this you need to long press the app and it will show you some options for instance if you will long press the messaging app you will see options for composing message, going to inbox etc. Apart from this you can also customize the size of icons and fonts. Application is loaded with beautiful themes which are categorized in to two categories dark and light.

Get the app here.

5. Google Now Launcher:

Google Now Launcher best app on android

This android launcher from Google works well for smartphones and tablets. In a nut shell, this launcher gives you the look and feel of Google Nexus on your android device. The app is fully empowered with other Google utilities such as Google Gaps; Google Search, Google Drive etc. If you want the interface of your smartphone to be simple and classy then this app is for you.

Get the app here.

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6.  Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite:

Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite best launcher app on android

Another 3D launcher on our top 20 list of free android launcher apps is the Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite. This app will make you fall in love with the makeover that it will give to your phone.  Apart from the 3D widgets you can reshuffle the home screen of your smartphone in various ways. An interesting feature of this launcher is the unique 3D UI when the user toggles between screens. It also gives you the freedom to arrange your applications in any way you want. The app is preloaded with 3D widgets and keeps launching new widgets from time to time.

Get the app here.

7.  Smart Launcher 3 (300+ Themes):

smart launcher 3

The Smart Launcher 3 is loaded with 300+ themes which means that you can have a new theme every day.  Despite this vast collection, the app is light on your device. Its unique feature is its sidebar which lets you quickly access the applications you use frequently. Cool widgets of the app make the basic use of app easier for you. Along with these features, the application also helps to boost the battery life and optimize the RAM which makes it fastest android launcher.  Get the app here.

8. Yahoo Aviate Launcher:

Yahoo Aviate Launcher best launcher

One of the best android launcher app on Play Store is from Yahoo. The launcher makes your phone use more efficient by showing you a list of upcoming events and the search bar on one screen. You can see your contacts in grid view and thumbnails. You can quickly see the traffic to your next destination with just one tap. Since Yahoo has its own search engine the browsing experience of the user becomes fast and smooth. As soon as the installation completes, the launcher organizes the apps on your device by category. You will find messaging apps in Social category, Music apps in Music category and so on. It is not only the fastest android launcher app but also quite easy to use.

Get the app here.

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9. TSF Launcher 3D Shell:

TSF Launcher 3D Shell - best launcher on android

This app launcher has made its mark amongst users with its 3D features. The remarkable 3D features have made it a popular choice. You will fall in love with your home screen with some of the widgets. A few of the features include a 3D message widget, Dynamic Folder, Desktop element Adder and 3D weather widget.

Get the app here.

10. Microsoft launcher:

Arrow Launcher best android launcher

Developed by Microsoft Corporation, Arrow Launcher is the last app in our list of 10 best Android launcher apps. This app helps you arrange other apps on your device, get back to your recent activities such as phone calls, text message, photos, files, etc. You can also set reminder using this app and search contacts saved on your handset. In all, it’s a nifty app with 4.4 stars in its count. Get the app here.

11. Go Launcher Z:

Go Launcher Z - best launcher app on android

Go Launcher was initially launched as a weather widget but has over a period been upgraded with many features. It has a full animated screen dedicated to weather updates. You can lock applications using it and choose from 100000 HD wall papers. Even your lock screen will have outstanding 3D effects. The app also offers stars anime and cartoon themes. DIY tool of the app allows you to create the customized themes with your pictures of your choice.

Get the app here.

12. Buzz Launcher:

Buzz Launcher best launcher on android

The application is loved for its good themes and wall papers and features which make the use of device easy and efficient. The app offers 3D effects and updates the user about the newly launched widgets on home screen. You can also share your customized home screen with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or google +

Get the app here.

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13. Action Launcher 3:

Action Launcher 3

This launcher looks like the much popular nexus launcher and allows you to customize it from scratch. To access all applications, you just need to swipe once on the dock. The color of your screen will be in sync with the wallpaper on your phone. You can also add a soft tinted to your dock background. You can also set your home screen or lock screen wallpapers to change automatically. This 3D launcher, has added attractions such as analog clock widget and quick page panel. With all these power packed features, the app is light on resources and easy to use.

Get the app here.

14. Atom Launcher:

Atom Launcher best launcher app on android

This app is a little different form the other launcher apps in this list of best android launcher apps. If you are looking for a launcher which can make your smartphone look simple like a black and white magazine then choose Atom Launcher. The basic theme of this launcher makes the icons look like they are drawn with the pencil on your smartphone screen. It makes your device stand out in the crowd. The theme settings page, allows you to choose apps which should stay colorful and which black & white. The dock bar lets you access up to 20 apps instantly. The application supports multi language. You can choose your favorite from the settings menu. The basic color themes and customizations make it the fastest android launcher.

Get the app here.

15. Lens Launcher:

Lens Launcher - fastest android launcher

Lens launcher is different from other free android launcher apps. As the name suggests, lens launcher works as magnifier. Every time you roll your finger or tap over the apps, they will magnify. Lens Launcher also has night mode which is a great feature considering the high use of phones that most of have and unhealthy strain on our eyes. While the features of this launcher are basic, however it provides few but relevant and excellent features.

Get the app here.

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16. Square Home 2:

 Square Home 2

If you are still used to your Windows smartphone or love the tiles look of Windows interface, this application is for you. Like in the Windows mobile, you can see list of all the applications sorted by name in the apps menu. You can also add a tile on which you can check the CPU usage, RAM usage and battery status. Contacts are organized in the thumbnail format which makes it easier for you to quickly call or text people. You can also change color theme of tiles by going to the settings menu.

Get the app here

17. XOS – Launcher:

 XOS – Launcher

This launcher gives an iOS phone look to your android smartphone. You can set your lock screen same as an iPhone. Launcher is loaded with hundreds of themes and wallpapers. With XOS launcher you can smartly keep your applications well organized and managed. The application has an overall rating of 4.5. It is light on the phone system and easy to use.

Get the app here

18. Evie Launcher:

Evie Launcher

Another application in the list is Evie launcher. If the default UI of your smartphone looks heavy then you can choose Evie launcher to make it a little simple. Like other launchers available on the app store you can customize shortcuts add colorful themes. It offers user-friendly widgets and lets you backup and restore your home screen. You can not only restore the backed-up screen on the same device but on another device.

Get the app here

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19. CM Launcher 3D:

 CM Launcher 3D

Use CM launcher to jazz up your android device with different themes. You will also find unique themes based on seasons and the festivals. Most loved feature of this launcher is intruder selfie. If someone tries to unlock your device and enters an incorrect passcode or pattern multiple times, the device will click a selfie of the intruder. CM Launcher 3D also comes with anti-theft app locker and intruder protection. The app helps to boost your device Wi-Fi connectivity and the overall performance.

Get the app here

20. BlackBerry Launcher:

BlackBerry Launcher

List of free android launcher apps is incomplete without BlackBerry Launcher. If you do not have a blackberry device then you can enjoy its features with the BlackBerry Launcher. The application has been developed by BlackBerry and has been equipped to give you the feel of blackberry phone. You can enjoy the features for free for 30 days and after that if you wish to continue with the free subscription, you will have to bear some adds. Application has some amazing features of black berry such as texting and chatting on the go and wonderful widgets of BB OS.

Get the app here

So, these were 20 best android launcher apps. Use them to enhance the look and feel of your smartphone and make it more productive.

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