Photos Exif Editor: Best EXIF Editor for Mac

Photos Exif Editor: Best EXIF Editor for Mac
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Editing photo metadata or EXIF Data can be a time-consuming task, especially when you have hundreds of photos stored on your Mac. Nevertheless, it’s rewards are countless as properly tagged metadata will help you organize your photos in a much better way. Listed below are some of the few benefits of editing metadata or EXIF data in your photographs using EXIF data editor.

  • Makes it easy for you to locate specific photo with correct keyword search
  • Makes it easy for your system to organize these files with proper information.
  • Makes photos ready for internet sharing and press releases as they contain all relevant information.
  • Removing any EXIF data that could contain your personal information should also be edited before sharing online.

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But with countless photos it can become tedious for you to manually edit and enter correct metadata in your digital photos one-by-one. The best way to go around this problem is by using one of the several EXIF editor tools for various operating systems. But if you use a Mac then Photos Exif Editor by Systweak is the best option for you. Why? Simply because it’s powerful and intelligent design makes it easy for you to edit metadata for your entire photo library at once.

Why Photos EXIF Editor is the Best?

  • Can easily read and write any EXIF, IPTC, XMP and GPS data etc.
  • Supports nearly every digital image format including RAW and TRG
  • Batch Edit/Delete metadata or selected files.
  • Put correct date/time information as per date taken and modified.
  • Automatic backup makes it easy for you to restore original information.
  • Use presets to make metadata editing easier and quicker.

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How to Use Photos EXIF Editor

Using Photos EXIF Editor is extremely simple thanks to its user-friendly interface that can also be used by computer novices. Regardless of its simplicity, its powerful set of EXIF editing tools ensure that you have a neatly tagged and organized photo library on your Mac.

  1. Install the program and launch.  photo-exif-editor-start-screen
  2. Once the interface opens, simply drag and drop the folder or photos that you need to edit.
  3. Another thing which you can do using this tool is browse to a specific location for folder or import your Mac’s entire photo library.
  4. Once photos are imported to editor, just choose one of the several editing options from the dropdown and enter relevant information.  edit-exif-data-in-photo
  5. The options can be changed from the drop down, as per your preferences and requirements. clean-meta-data
  6. After you’ve entered the relevant information in the fields provided, click ‘Start Process’ to apply it to images.
  7. Hit ‘Save Output’, once the processing is over. And your photos will now have their edited metadata.
  8. Photos EXIF Editor automatically backs up your original metadata, so you can always restore them in case you’re not satisfied with the results.

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Additional Features

Here are some additional features which makes this application the best.

  1. You can also create additional presets with pre-entered information.
  2. All you need to do is select a bunch of images you want to change metadata for and apply one of your personalized presets to automatically apply changes.
  3. Photos EXIF Editor also allows you to view metadata for each individual image regardless of the format.
  4. You can also Delete any existing metadata information from your all photos at once.
  5. This helps you keep any personal information that could be included in the original metadata off the internet where it could become a security threat.

So, stop getting messed up when trying to organize your Mac Photo Library. Use Photos EXIF Editor to take care of all your metadata related problems, it will leave you with a neatly tagged and organized Photos collection.

Download Photos Exif Editor here-

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