Privacy 101: Guidelines – Infographic
Cyber Security

Privacy 101: Guidelines – Infographic

Most of our time is spent online, be it shopping or chit chatting with our friends. The more we share, the more is the risk of us exposing ourselves to cybercrimes. Giving too much leverage to hackers or cyber villains – unknowingly – can have dreadful effects on our lives. The Information we share over the Internet is often used by advertisers too, but they’re not the only ones paying attention. Malicious hackers can piece together your private information to steal your identity or invade your family’s privacy. It’s time to finally take charge, tighten the seat belt and take control of your own privacy. You never know when you become the next victim. Protect yourself from fraud to lead a ‘Con-Free’ life!

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If you want to protect your online privacy, you need to take action. Here’s a concise infographic depicting 7 security steps you might wanna undertake to reduce the risk of identity theft by keeping cyber criminals at bay.

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