14 Best App Lock for Android in 2018

14 Best App Lock for Android in 2018

Thanks to the advancement of the technology, smartphone security has also been in progression. Previously, most users relied on lock screen security (default in Android phones) to prevent any unlawful access. But now there are various applications available on Play Store to lock various features and utilities to make our devices impregnable to commoners. In the previous article, we learnt how to secure Android devices with default lock screen security. In this article, we will discuss the best app locks for Android phones in the market.


There are various software available on Play Store that offers the feature to keep your device along with your private and personal things away from meddlesome people.

Best App Locks for Android 2018

Here are some of the best app lockers for Android available on Play Store in 2018 –

1. App Locker:

Android app locker

First on our list of best app locks for Android is App Locker. It is one of the smartest and best applications to lock applications installed on your Android and to keep confidential information safe and secure.

  • As application is installed it allows to set passcode so that you can start securing your apps and data in no time.
  • App Locker even allows to use Fingerprint password if Android 6.0 or above is used.
  • This app also has a feature to recover passcode in case you forget it.
  • This app does not share user data with third parties, this makes it the best App Locker for Android.
  • An awesome feature of this app is it is ad-free and doesn’t hog on your phone battery.

All these amazing features make App Locker the best app to lock apps on Android. Moreover, it has an easy reset passcode option to set a new passcode.

2.  AppLock App locker:

One of the best application to keep your applications and private information safe and secure.

  • Software once installed on phone, it allows you to set a pin, pattern or password. It also allows using Fingerprint password if you are using Android 6.0 or above
  • This app also has a feature to customize your background of the lock screen.
  • This app also can hide photos and videos, the hidden photos would be invisible from Gallery and can only be seen in photo and video vault.
  • It has an awesome feature that allows you to see who tried to intrude your phone’s privacy.


Developer: DoMobile Lab
Price: Free+

3. LOCX App Lock:

LOCX App Lock is one of the best app locks for Android, which helps you secure your lock apps, secret photos, videos, messages and more.

  • It allows you to hide private photos and videos in the vault to keep them hidden from intruders.
  • It also enables you to lock messages, contacts, gallery or phone settings.
  • This app lock is faster and light-weight so it doesn’t take a lot of space on your phone.


4. Smart AppLock (App Protect):

Smart Applock is one of the best App Lock for Android 2018.

  • It allows you to lock your apps, private data, incoming calls and settings.
  • It offers various option to protect our privacy, we can use pin, pattern, password, and gesture and fingerprint (only available for Samsung devices with fingerprint scanner) as well.
  • It takes the picture of intruder and sends to your registered e-mail address.
  • It allows you to change icon to disguise Applock to a Secret Dialer


Smart AppLock Pro
Smart AppLock Pro
Price: $2.99

5. Norton App Lock :

Norton App Lock is an application to lock your applications and sensitive information in the apps installed on your Android device.

  • You can add a password, PIN or pattern lock screen security to lock apps.
  • It enables you to protect your photos and videos from intruders by locking them in a vault.
  • It also protects your personal, financial and confidential data by adding a layer of security.


Norton App Lock
Norton App Lock
Developer: NortonMobile
Price: Free

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6. CM AppLock:

CM App lock is an application which not only protects you from intruders but also from virus and other infections.

  • It provides instant cleanup to enhance the speed of the device.
  • It secures our phone by providing the feature for locking the screen with pin, pattern, password and fingerprint lock (available on supported devices)
  • Just like the other applications enlisted, it locks the applications and hides personal information such as photos and videos.
  • It takes the picture of intruder who enters the wrong password.
  • It allows you to set themes and change the color of the background.


7.  Private Zone-Applock & Hide pics:

Just like the name of the application suggests, it locks your applications, secures your device, boosts phone speed and hides your private pictures & videos as well.

  • It allows you to lock your phone either by pin or digital password.
  • It has a parental lock which prevents kids from playing games and buying unwanted things.
  • It keeps your browsing history safe, cleans the history and enhances the downloading speed.


8. KeepSafe App Lock:

Keepsafe is one of the Best App Lock for Android Marshmallow or above.

  • Offers to lock using pin, pattern or fingerprint(on supported devices)
  • The application is ad-free
  • It locks any application and manages your gallery according to your preference.


9. Privacy Knight App Lock:

Yet another ad-free application, Privacy Knight App lock is one of the best App Lock for Android.

  • Offers to lock the apps and manage your gallery using pin, pattern or Face unlock.
  • It provides a feature, Secret Door, which allows you to change the icon to disguise this app.
  • It clears the browsing history with a single tap and hides notifications.
  • It also has a feature to catch the nosy intruders.

10. MaxLock:

It is one of the best App Lock for Android which is also ad-free.

  • This application is based on Xposed Framework (the device needs to be rooted). Unlike most other applockers, it uses battery and performance friendly event recognition method.
  • It offers with an option to secure your phone with pin, pattern, knock code or password.
  • It offers the Fake crash feature that allows you to spoof crash of locked apps.

MaxLock - Xposed app locker
MaxLock - Xposed app locker
Developer: Maxr1998
Price: Free+

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11. Finger Security:

It is one of the oldest and best App Lock for Android. It is the first app which introduced Fingerprint app lock feature.

  • The Pin and password can be used as alternate if Fingerprint is not working.
  • You can use your favorite image as background.
  • It takes a snap of snoopy people.


Developer: Rick Clephas
Price: Free+

12. ES app locker:

ES app locker is the one of the unique application of its category.

  • The basic feature of protecting apps and hiding photos and videos is available.
  • This software has added another layer to security, you can block access to individual apps by drawing a pattern on the screen.
ES App Locker
ES App Locker
Developer: DU Apps
Price: Free

13. Knock lock:

Just as the name suggests, knock lock, this is one of the best app lock for Android which provides an exclusive feature to lock the phone. All you have to do is knock on the phone in a set pattern to unlock it.

  • It helps in preventing accidental calling/butt dialing.
  • The lock screen is embellished with the custom date and time format with HD wallpapers.
Knock lock screen - Applock
Knock lock screen - Applock

14.  Perfect AppLock:

Perfect Applock is also a very good application if you are looking for an application to protect your applications, settings and private data.

  • It provides you an option to choose from pin, pattern or gesture.
  • It has a feature named Watchdog which clicks the picture of the intruder after three unsuccessful attempts.
  • It provides an awesome feature of start the service remotely using SMS command.

Best App Lockers for Android

These are some of the best App Lock for Android devices available on Play store. Smartphones have become an intrinsic part of our life that’s why keeping it safe and away from inquisitive people is our need. Now you don’t have to be afraid or cautious while handing your phone over to your family or friends, these app locks will take care of it.

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