Chrome’s Anchor Scrolling Makes Mobile Browsing Less Annoying!

Chrome’s Anchor Scrolling Makes Mobile Browsing Less Annoying!

There are times when we visit our favorite website, start reading some content and then suddenly a bunch of unwanted ads or images pops on our screen, making you lose your location on the page. One of the most annoying things about browsing the web on a phone is that pages tend to jump while they are loading. Well, thanks to Google Chrome’s (Version 56+) Scroll Anchoring, a new feature that prevents visible jumps of the active page when off-screen content changes.

Google says the feature currently prevents almost three jumps per page view — and, over time, that number will likely increase.

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Enable Anchor Scrolling on Chrome Browser (Desktop)

You can try this feature yourself by following these quick steps:

  1. Navigate to Chrome://flags/#enable-scroll-anchoring.

navigate to chrome

  1. Select “Enabled” from the dropdown menu.

enable anchor scrolling

  1. Click “Relaunch Now” at the bottom of the screen.

With this you’ll have scroll anchoring enabled on your desktop.

NOTE: Just make sure you are running at least Google Chrome 51. A quick way to find this out is to load “Chrome://version/” and check the current version there itself.

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How to Enable Scroll Anchoring on Mobile

Mobile users can simply navigate to Chrome://flags and use the built-in search option to locate “Anchor”. As soon as you find it turn it ON to enable anchor scrolling on your smartphone as well.

To turn it off again, repeat the process outlined above but switch the preference to disabled this time to do so.

We’ve been using this for a while and believe that this drastically improves your browsing experience. Don’t believe us? Watch out this comparison view which’ll instantly tempt you to enable scroll anchoring on your browser.


So, if you want to save yourself from tapping unnecessary ads and images, enable Scroll anchoring right away!

Drop us a comment in case any further assistance is required, we’ll be glad to hear from you!

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