How to find Saved Wi-Fi Password on Mac

How to find Saved Wi-Fi Password on Mac

Whenever you set up a password especially for Wi-Fi, you make sure that nobody gets access without your permission. Sometimes you don’t even realize you have forgotten your password until your system prompts you to change it. Let’s say you’ve got a new device but can’t get online as you don’t remember your Wi-Fi password.

So, have you ever thought, how will you access your internet and how will you retrieve your Wi-Fi password?

Well Don’t panic!

Fortunately, it’s possible to recover a forgotten wireless password and your saved Wi-Fi password by using a built- in-tool for Mac OSX.

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With the help of this quick guide you will be able to retrieve a password of any wireless network the Mac has joined, this method works for all the versions of OS X.


Step 1: Open spotlight search and type Keychain Access.


Step 2: In the sidebar, click on passwords from the category menu.


search for the network. (Double click on the network for which you want to view password).

Step 3: A new windows appears on your screen then click on Show Password checkbox.


Step 4: It will prompt you to enter your system’s User name and Password.


Note: To ensure what username and passwords are saved, Open finder app and click on home icon from your favorites sidebar. Your username and home folder name will be same.

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Step 5: After that it will bring you to different screen, where you can see the Wi-Fi password for the selected network.


In our day to day life we usually forget credentials, when we don’t use them for a long time and Wi-Fi password is one of them. I hope this quick guide will help you to recover your existing WIFI password in case you forget it.

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