How to Send and Receive iPhone Text Messages on Your Mac

Numerous applications have been designed over the years for iPhone and iPad, which can synchronize multiple tasks with your Mac. To your surprise, Mac OS has been getting updated with the latest technology to better your experience. Every update in Mac or iPhone brings you a new reason to work on them over others devices.

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With myriad technological updates in Mac and iOS, you’re able to send and receive iPhone text messages on your Mac. You don’t need to pull your iPhone out of the bag if you don’t want to. Here we’ve listed simple steps to enjoy the freedom of exchanging messages on your Mac:

mac computer

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  1. Go to Messages on your Mac.

Send and Receive iPhone Text Messages on Your Mac

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  1. Sign in with your Apple ID.

sign in to your apple id

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  1. You’ll receive a prompt on your iPhone, click on ‘OK’ to continue.

click ok in imassage

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  1. Now go to ‘Settings’ in your iPhone.

settings in iphone

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  1. Select ‘Messages’ from the list.

message in iphone

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  1. Click on ‘Text Message Forwarding’ in your iPhone.


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  1. You’ll be able to see the connected devices listed, recognize and switch on in front of your Mac.

Text Message Forwarding 1

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  1. You’ll get a code on your Mac (in Messages), asking you to put the same in your iPhone.

Text Message Forwarding 2-min

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  1. Enter the code in your iPhone and click on ‘Allow’. You’ll be then able to send iPhone text messages on your Mac.

Text Message Forwarding 2

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Taking everything into concern, a simple synchronization is required to send and receive iPhone text messages on your Mac. This feature adds a lot of convenience to your life. People who are good with typing on keyboards can make the most of this feature

Rishi Sharma

Rishi Sharma

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