How to Temporarily Share your Current Location via Google Maps

How to Temporarily Share your Current Location via Google Maps

Whether you’re meeting a friend downtown, or your boss asks for your current location when you’re late for work. In such situations, this small feature of Google maps allows you to share your current location for a specific period.

This new feature of Google maps shows your current location on your friend’s Google map—and his on yours—regardless of the possibility that you’re both moving around. What’s more, on the off chance that you have Google Maps open, it’s anything but difficult to begin sharing your area, assuming the person you want to share locations with is also a Google Maps user.

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We’re sure you realize that blue speck shows your current location.

Share your Current Location via Google Maps

Tap that blue dot icon and you’ll see a group of options, including sharing your location.

Share your Current Location via Google Maps

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You can choose how long to share your location—the default is 60 minutes.

Share your Current Location via Google Maps

You can even pick a particular contact to share your location by using the “Select People” option. To do this you need to scroll through your contacts and choose someone to share your location with. The list will be populated amongst all Google users in your contacts list. The rundown will be populated with Google clients in your contacts list. On the off chance that the individual you need to share your location with is not on the list, you can likewise send a link by means of SMS or any other messaging app.

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The individual you share your location will instantly receive a notification.


When they navigate, they will see your area on their guide.

Share your Current Location via Google Maps

Your friend will likewise have the choice to share their current location as well.

So, next time when you plan on getting together with somebody, you can use this feature so that it becomes easy for both of you to locate each other.

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