How to Analyze Disk Space in Windows

If you are not tech savvy and don’t like to keep a track on things you downloaded and transferred onto your system. If you are looking forward to improve your computer’s performance, start focusing on disk space instead of hardware parts. Because low disk space can slow down your computer. You won’t even realize when your system’s is filled up and you get pop-ups saying your system doesn’t have enough disk space.


If you are facing the same issue, you can use Disk Analyzer Pro software, that will certainly help you to free up and analyze disk space in Windows. It is a utility that analyzes and scans your entire disk usage in several summaries.

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Disk Analyzer Pro to Analyze Disk Space in Windows


Disk Analyzer Pro will help to manage your disk space consumption carefully, and help your Hard Disk to get better again. You can also identify immense files and folders, delete the data which is unwanted. So, you keep the storage organized. This software will allow you to specify your own search terms while looking for obsolete files and folders which is consuming your disk space. You can download the software from internet or App Store.

Please follow the below steps to learn how to use Disk Analyzer Pro Software.

Delete Temporary and Junk Files with Disk Analyzer Pro

Step 1: Download and install Disk Analyzer Pro App. If you haven’t done that so far.

Step 2: Click on Start to perform a disk space scan on the disk drive.


Step 3: Once the scan is completed, Click on Files List and open Junk and Temporary Files.


Step 4: Delete the unwanted items from the list. You can use Ctrl + A to select all the files or you can delete it manual one by one.


Step 5: Go to Recycle Bin and delete the files permanently from your computer.

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How to Find Duplicate Files with Disk Analyzer Pro

Step 1: Open Disk Analyzer Pro App.

Step 2: Open the disk scan on the drive and click on Start Scan.

Step 3: Click on Duplicate Files from the File List Menu.

Step 4: Select the type of duplicate files and click on duplicate files with the same size.


Step 5: Now you can see duplicate files in the File Viewer and you can remove, delete or move files from one to another location.


Find Biggest Files on My Hard Drive with Disk Analyzer Pro

Step 1: Select the drive which you would like to scan and click on Start Scan.

Step 2: Once the scan is done, you would be able to see all the files and folders in the File Explorer window.


Note: Here you can view the size of each file and folder and you can locate the file and folders according to their sizes.

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Tricks to Get Extra Free Disk Space in Windows


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  1. Empty browser cache and cookies.
  2. Uninstall apps which you are not using.
  3. Delete and archive unnecessary files which you don’t use.
  4. Turn off System restore.
  5. Empty recycle bin and TEMP folder regularly.
  6. Get rid of duplicates photos and videos.
  7. Remove Windows updates Uninstallation folders


Hard disk’s space is increasing according to the needs and technology which is enriching day by day. No matter how big your hard drive capacity is, at one point of time, you have to delete some of the files to recover disk space and we hope after reading this article you will kick out the problem of low disk space from your machine.

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