How to Disable Widgets and Notifications on Lock Screen of iPhone

How to Disable Widgets and Notifications on Lock Screen of iPhone

iOS 10 hit market with some amazing new features and Apple has made it more user friendly and now it is loaded with so many amazing features. Widgets are one of them with widgets it is now become easier to view highlights of some of the applications such as news weather calendar reminder etc. If because of availability of widgets on the lock screen you are hesitated to add widget of some of your favorite applications, then you should not. It is totally understandable that Lock screen notifications or access to the application widgets from the lock screen can compromise your privacy but you can disable lock screen view of Widgets and Notifications. Widgets will still be there on your phone but you can only be able to see them once you will unlock the screen. Here is how to disable widgets to show on the lock screen.

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen of your iPhone.


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  1. Scroll down and go to “Touch ID and Passcode”


  1. Enter your passcode.


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  1. You will find that “Today view” will be turned on turn this option off.


  1. If you do not want to see lock screen notifications, then you can also turn them off from here. However, you can turn off notification for individual apps by going to Settings and settings for that app. But still if you want to turn off notifications for all applications then you can turn off “Notification view”

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Now lock your screen and check. Now you will not be able to see lock screen widgets. So now you can add widgets for your favorite applications and they will be visible to you only when screen is unlocked. Now do not worry about your lock screen Notifications and widgets and let someone play with the lock screen.

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