How to Find and Clear Location History on iPhone

How to Find and Clear Location History on iPhone

With the navigation system in smartphones, our life has become easier as it is very easy to find any location. While driving, we get point to point accurate voice instructions that assist us to our destination. Some maps or GPS Navigation apps even tell you the status of traffic on the roads. There are some other GPS navigation applications that can even help find your friends or way to any location or place. But do you know wherever you go is also being tracked and saved on your device? This feature will be useful for you if you want to check where do your kids go very often. So here is how you can find location history on iPhone and can delete it.

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 Steps to Find and Clear Location History on iPhone

  1. Go to settings from the home screen of your iPhone.

clear location history on iPhone

  1. Next navigate to privacy.clear location history on iPhone
  2. In privacy, there is location services option which will be turned on if it is not turned on Location history will not be saved.clear location history on iPhone
  3. Tap on location services and at the bottom you will find System Services.CLEAR LOCATION HISTORY IN IPHONE
  1. Go to system services to proceed further. You will find Frequent Locations.clear location history on iPhone
  1. Here is what all you need. You will find frequently visited locations with date and time here.
  2. You can tap on a location to view it on the Map. If you want to clear location history simply tap on the Clear History.

clear location history on iPhone

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So now you can view frequent location of your kids and can clear location history data from here. If you do not want your iPhone to keep track of your frequent locations, then simply turn off Frequent locations turned in system services (Step #5).

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