How to Restart and Reboot a Stuck iPad

People are extremely fond of iPads, as they’re easy to carry and it have a larger screen compared to smartphones. But there must be times when you hate your device, especially when it fails to respond to your commands and freezes. It is frustrating to see a frozen screen when you are in middle of some important work. This can be happening for numerous reasons but restarting an iPad can often solve many problems.

Whenever you see a frozen screen that doesn’t respond to your touch. You might feel like calling Apple Support for your frozen and stuck screen but before contacting them, you can also try different methods to get your iPad up and running again.

Follow the steps below and fix the problem by yourself.

How to Restart an iPad:-

Basically, restart is turning off your iPad and turning on again. This is the easiest and quickest way to restart your device and therefore should be the first effort to fix a frozen iPad.

  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake key along with the Home button until the red slider appears on the screen.
  • Hold the keys until a slider appears at the very top of your iPad screen.
  • Release the Sleep/Wake key once the Apple logo appears on the screen and move the slider left to right to turn off and shut down your iPad. If you see black screen that means the iPad is off.
  • Restart the iPad again.

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How to Restore an iPad:-

In case, if the device still doesn’t respond, you need to reset your iPad to factory settings or you can restore a stuck iPad. Follow these instructions to restore your iPad:

  • Connect iPad with your computer and launch iTunes.
  • In the Device section, click on the iPad icon and click on the Summary tab.
  • It will prompt you to check the update to install the latest version of the iPad operating software.
  • Click on Back Up to back up your media and settings on iCloud.
  • Click on Restore and follow the given instructions to restore the saved data in your iPad. Once the iPad software has been restored completely you can set up your iPad as a new one.

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How to Reset an iPad:-

When your iPad is locked up and slider does not appear or respond to your commands, you can try to reset the device. In many cases, if you turn the iPad off and turn it back on, it does not fix the problem but there is no harm in trying things which might possibly fix the issue.

  • Simultaneously, press and hold down Sleep/Wake button and the home button.
  • Do not lease the keys until the screen goes black or you don’t see the Apple logo appearing on your screen.
  • Once you see the Apple logo, let go off the keys and let your device restart again.

Resetting iPad Settings

  • Go to Settings then select General
  • Click on Reset, then Reset All Settings.

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Erasing all content on the iPad

If it doesn’t work Apply recommends to erase all the content available on your iPad. But do not forget to take a backup first.

  • Go to Settings and open General.
  • Click on Reset and Erase All Content and Settings.

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Force Quitting an App on an iPad

When your device’s screen gets stuck with the same app for bit longer than usual, you can force quite the app. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake at the same time, until you don’t see a red slider on your screen. Then press and hold down the Home button until the app quits.

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iPads freeze very rarely but not to worry, now you can use above instructions and fix your iPad. If your iPad is still not working properly than you can visit nearest Apple Store or you can delete the entire data from your iPad and use it like a new one.

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