10 Best Duplicate File Finder And Cleaner Tools for Mac 2018

10 Best Duplicate File Finder And Cleaner Tools for Mac 2018

Manually hunting down duplicate files is, by all intents and purposes, an unrealizable assignment. By following standard methods to search duplicates, we can’t use anything beside iTunes to remove duplicate music. Be that as it may, but there’s nothing more annoying than searching duplicate files on your Mac.

Be it photographs, audio files or documents there are many instances when mistakenly more than 2-3 copies of a single file are often saved on our Mac, consuming chunks of storage space.

So, to relieve you from this overhead we have prepared a small list containing 10 best duplicate file finder and remover for Mac to get rid of redundant data in a jiffy and restore disk space in no time.

10 Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac 2018

1. Duplicate Files Fixer

duplicate files fixer for mac

You can recover a lot of disk space by removing multiple file copies from your Mac. Duplicate Files Fixer removes these files effortlessly.! It will give you a speedy yet accurate scan irrespective of volume of files you have. Not just this, you need not worry about retrieving files, in case you want to. Duplicate Files Fixer gives you the option to backup all your files before you delete them. Get it here.

2. Cisdem Duplicate Finder


Removing Duplicate files from your Mac can save a lot of space on your system. With Cisdem Duplicate Finder 3, you can remove duplicate files in three simple steps. It not only compare the file sizes or names but also the other aspects such as random parts of content to deeply scan and remove the duplicates. It classifies the duplicates into seven different categories such as Music, Videos, Archives, Packages and more.

Purchase Cisdem Duplicate Finder Here

3. Mac Clean

Mac clean

In our list of best duplicate file finder for Mac the next is, Mac Clean which is a nifty tool that helps you in locating and removing duplicate files of your Mac. The app comes in various languages including English, Spanish, German, French and Japanese. You can even apply a bunch of filters to refine your search criteria according to type, such as songs, pictures, etc. Get it here

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4. Tidy Up (29.99$)

tidy up for mac

Tidy Up discovers duplicate documents in your Photos, iPhotos, Aperture, iTunes, and Mail applications on Mac. It examines your PC for duplicates of document sorts and envelopes in your local and external hard drives. It additionally discovers discharge documents. In this way, if you have a bunch of redundant records stored in your hard drive, Tidy Up will suss them out and give you the choice to remove them instantly. This makes it one of the finest duplicate file cleaner for macGet it here

5. Gemini 2 (19.99$)

gemini2 for mac

Gemini 2 is one easy to use duplicate file finders for your Mac. It uses fast scanning algorithm to delete duplicate files in Mac. The app lets you preview files before you remove them just like other tools and supports more than 10 languages. Get it here

6. Duplicate Detective

duplicate detactive

It is another in the list of best duplicate file remover software for Mac. Duplicate Detective has a Robust Search Engine that compares the documents and looks for the copies. Be it photographs, recordings, sound documents or any file organizer, Duplicate Detective can find any imitations. It channels the documents by size, name, date and so forth and the client has the choice of lessening or increasing the minimum duplicate file size. Get it here

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7. Dupe Guru for Mac

DupeGuru is one of the best duplicate file finder for Mac that you can use to erase copies in Mac OS X and Windows as well. DupeGuru for Mac functions admirably to filter your hard plate and precisely recognizing copies to help you keep documents sorted out well without duplicate records. Get it here

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8. Dr. Cleaner

Dr. Cleaner

Dr. Cleaner, a desirable Mac cleaner, is safe, well-designed and user-friendly, which can be told from the thoughtful details in the whole process. It supports to scan the whole Mac and display all duplicate files before you. Get it here

9. Duplicate Finder – Retrieve and Remove Duplicate Files

Duplicate Finder - Retrieve and Remove Duplicate Files

Within no time Duplicate Finder finds all duplicate files on your hard disk. It quickly scans your Mac and clearly presents all the duplicates so you can easily remove duplicate files. This tool follows a fast scanning process and displays the results into various categories. You can even customize the scanning process and pick from entire scan option or if you need to scan any particular folder.  Get it here.

10. Duplicate File Finder – best fast free for files:-

duplicate finder

It is one nifty tool which gets rids of all duplicate files of your Mac in a few taps. With its fast scanning algorithms, all the results are then displayed categorized on the basis of images, videos, music, archives, documents, and all other specific extensions Get it here.

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So, folks here were the 10 best duplicate file finder and remover for Mac Still wondering how to delete duplicate files in Mac?

Grab any of the above mentioned tools and say goodbye to duplicates!

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