150 Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcut Keys – Part 2
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150 Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcut Keys – Part 2

Shortcuts can be helpful and especially if they are for Excel. In our previous article, we have listed some of the basic shortcuts. Here we would be discussing some complex shortcuts to make your work easier on MS Excel.

150 Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcut Keys – Part 1

S.No.Shortcuts Description
71Ctrl+Shift+(Unhide Rows
72Ctrl+Shift+)Unhide Columns
73Ctrl + Shift + SpacebarSelects the entire sheet but if you have data on the sheet, the action will select the current region and performing the action twice, will select the entire worksheet
74Ctrl + Shift + OSelects all the cells with comments
75Alt + H, FFHome select Font Face;Now, use Arrow Down to select.
76Alt + H, FSHome select Font Size; use Arrow Key, then Enter to change size
77Ctrl + Shift + ;Enters the current time on a cell


78Ctrl + Shift + =Insert a new column or row.
79Ctrl + Alt + VOpens the Paste Special Dialog box
80Ctrl + Shift + F4Find Previous(with a search box)
81Ctrl + Shift + LTurn on/off Filters
82Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Left/Arrow RightSelect or deselect one word to the left/ right
83Ctrl + Shift + DragDrag and insert copy
84Alt + Shift + Pg DnExtend selection right one screen
85Alt + Shift + Pg UpExtend selection left one screen
86Ctrl + Shift + HomeExtend selection to first cell of the worksheet
87Ctrl + Shift + EndExtend selection to last used cell on the worksheet (lower-right corner)
88Shift + F10, then UUnhide the selected columns
89Ctrl + Shift + *Select current region around active cell
90Ctrl + Shift + [Select all precedents
91Ctrl + Shift + ]Select all dependents
92Alt + H + 6Indent
93Alt + H + 5Remove Indent
94Ctrl + Shift + FDisplay Format Cells with Font tab selected
95Ctrl + Shift + AInsert argument names into formula
96Ctrl + Shift + F9Force calculate all worksheets
97Ctrl + Shift + UExpand/ collapse formula bar
98Ctrl + Shift +TabGo to previous workbook,(workbook) Move to previous tab(Dialog box)
99Ctrl + Shift + F3Create name by using names of row and column labels
100Ctrl + Shift + FDisplay Format Cells with Font tab selected
101Ctrl + Shift + &Add border outline
102Ctrl + Shift + _Remove Borders
103Ctrl + Shift + $Enables Currency Format
104Ctrl + Shift + %Enables Percentage Format
105Ctrl + Shift + ^Enables Scientific Format
106Ctrl + Shift + #Enables Date Format
107Ctrl + Shift + @Enables the time format with the hour and minute, and indicate AM or PM
108Ctrl + Shift + !Enables Number Format
109Ctrl + Shift + ~Enables General Format
110F10 + Shift +DelDeletes Comment
111Alt + SpaceDisplays Control Menu
112Alt + H, FD, USelects all Formulas (Home – Find – Formulas)
113Alt + Shift + ?Groups selected PivotTable items
114Alt + Shift +?Ungroups selected PivotTable items when on group header
115Alt + D + PFormats number in comma format.
116Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F9Rechecks all the dependent formulas, and then calculates all cells in all open workbooks, including cells not marked as needing to be calculated
117Alt + F, O + 1…9Opens recent file (1 to 9)
118Alt + F, O, Y, 1…ZOpens recent file (10 upwards)
119Alt + F, O, K File Open from OneDrive Link
120Alt + F, P Open File Print menu
121Alt + H, ISInserts worksheet (Home – Insert Sheet)
122Alt + H, DSDeletes worksheet (Home – Delete Sheet)
123Alt + H, ORRenames worksheet (Home – Format – Rename worksheet)
124Alt + H, OMMove worksheet (Home – Format – Move worksheet)
125Alt + H, OTChanges Worksheet tab color, continue with mouse or arrow keys (Home – Format – Tab color)
126Alt + W + FF ViewFreeze or unfreeze; unfreeze works for any Freeze Setting
127Alt + W + CViewFreeze first Column on screen
128Alt + W SSplit or unsplit Worksheet at current position
129Alt + W + RViewFreeze first visible Row on screen
130Shift + F10, then R Remove one or multiple hyperlink(s)
131Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Right/ Arrow LeftMove to right/ to left between nonadjacent selections
132ALT+ JT XExpand all fields
133Ctrl + Shift + + Insert pivot formula/ calculated field
134Ctrl + Alt + V, then V, EnterPaste Values
135Ctrl + Alt + V, then T, Enter Paste Formats
136Ctrl + Alt + V, then E, Enter Paste Transposed
137Ctrl + Alt + V, then W, Enter Paste Column Width
138Ctrl + Alt + V, then U, Enter Paste Values and Number Formats
139Shift + Arrow Down, F2, then Ctrl+EnterFill a cell’s content down to all cells selected with Shift+Arrow Down
140Shift + Arrow Up, F2, then Ctrl + Enter Fill a cell’s content content up to all cells selected with Shift+Arrow Down
141Shift + Space, Ctrl + Shift + +Select a row; then insert one row above it
142Shift + Space, Shift + Arrow Up/Arrow Down, then Ctrl + Shift + +Select multiple rows; then insert the same number rows below it.
143Ctrl + Space, then Ctrl + Shift + +Select single row, then insert a row below. Select multiple rows to insert multiple rows
144Alt + H, ABAlign Bottom
145Alt + H, WWrap or unwrap text (Home – Wrap Text)
146Alt + H, MMMerge cells – Merge
147Alt + H, MUMerge – Unmerge
148Alt + H, MCMerge and Center
149Alt + H, MA Merge Across (merge all columns)
150Alt + H, AMAlign Middle

These are the shortcuts that can be used to simplify the work on Excel.

Do use them and let us know if they helped you.

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