How and Why Should You Enable LED Flash Notifications on your iPhone?

How and Why Should You Enable LED Flash Notifications on your iPhone?

Have you been into a situation when you were enjoying your favorite music and when you check your phone, it’s full of missed calls and messages? You weren’t able to realize these calls and texts, simply because you were way too engrossed in music. It could be something important such as an interview call, from valuable clients, or from our dear ones etc. To ensure that we never miss important calls, iPhones have an in-built feature which allows you to enable LED flash notifications. If you enable this feature, LED light of your iPhone will flicker whenever you get a call or any notification on your iPhone. Here is how you can enable this feature on your iPhone.

  1. To configure anything, like always go to settings from the home screen.   settings iphoneSee Also: Best Free Apps You Should Have In Your iPhone And iPad
  2. Now head to General>accessibility.
  3. Next scroll a little down. You will find “LED flash for Alerts”
  4. When you will tap on it there will be two switches inside. LED flash for alert
  • LED flash for alerts
  • LED Flash for silent.

Turn on both the switches.

  1. Exit all the settings and you have successfully turned on flash alerts for your Notifications and calls.

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Note: You will not get LED flash notification if screen is turned on.

Now, you will never miss an important call even when your iPhone’s on silent mode and you cannot feel the vibration.

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