How To Save ‘Live Videos’ On Instagram

How To Save ‘Live Videos’ On Instagram

Most social media apps let you ‘go live’ these days. So, you can basically stream yourself live to the whole wide world. Amusing as it may seem, live videos have a limited shelf life. After the broadcast ends, your followers can’t see the videos on their feed for too long. But Instagram now lets you save your live videos. Not only does this give your followers more time to catch up with your latest uploads and activities but also gives you more scope of engaging and connecting with your friends and followers. Especially, if you have a lot of fan following!

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Here’s how you can save your live videos from Instagram in a few simple steps.

  1. To start a live video tap on the camera icon given at the top of home screen.

  1. Now choose Live from the options.How To Save ‘Live Videos’ On Instagram
  2. Next tap on “Start live Video” to start a live Video. After a couple of seconds, you will be live on Instagram.

How To Save ‘Live Videos’ On Instagram

  1. When you are live, you will see a (sample) screen like this. Here you will find End button on top right. Tap on it and confirm to end live video once you are done.How To Save ‘Live Videos’ On Instagram
  2. After ending the live video on your iPhone, you will see Save button on the top right of the screen.How To Save ‘Live Videos’ On Instagram
  3. Tap on save button to save your live video from Instagram to camera roll of your iPhone.

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So now you will have a memory with you of your live streaming. You can also upload this video on other social networking portals, if you want. Or you can save it somewhere such as on cloud where it can stay with you always.

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