How to Watch 3D Movies on PC Using KM Player

How to Watch 3D Movies on PC Using KM Player

When it comes to watching 3D movies, you lose all hope if you couldn’t watch it in the  theatre. In the era of integrated technology, you’re now privileged with several video players for your computer that let you watch 3D movies in your home. KM Player is a resourceful multi media player, which covers various types of contained formats for video and audio files.

KM Player contains its own internal codec that enables you to watch any media file. If you’re not tech savy and face trouble watching 3D movies, you can modify media files to any convenient multimedia format using KM Player. We’ve described the steps below to help you install and watch 3D movies with KM Player:

3d movies on kmp

Step 1: Download KM Player application and install it with recommended settings.

km player

Step 2: Once installed, open the KM Player from desktop or Search Menu by entering KMPlayer in the search box, click on the displayed icon.

Step 3: Double click on the blank screen part if you’re willing to play something from the drive. Select the file to be played.

watch 3d movies on kmp

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Step 4: Once video is being played, click on the 3D button in the left-hand side bottom corner to watch it in 3D and wear your 3D glasses.

play 3d video

Step 5: If you’re looking at your screen with bare eyes, it’ll look something like the image below.


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Overall, playing a 3D video in your PC doesn’t seem to be a big deal but you’ll probably want a bigger screen to experience overwhelming visual quality. For best results, make sure you use LED screen in conjunction with KM player. Although, if you don’t find 3D worth watching, you can simply switch it to a normal 2D with a single click.

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    Heather October 20, 2017 at 12:08 am It’s so cool being able to watch 3D films on your laptop from the comfort of your home. Great tutorial!

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