5 Best Call Recorder Apps For iPhone 2018

5 Best Call Recorder Apps For iPhone 2018

Call recording is one of those great ways you can recall your favorite conversation with friends and dear ones. Whether you’re interviewing a celebrity, attending a tele-meeting or talking to your child over the phone for the first time you do want to record it, right?

To help you choose the best call recorder apps for iPhone, we’ve come up with five best apps for this purpose. Have a look at each app and choose the one that fits you best:

Best iPhone Call Recording App 2018

1. Automatic Call Recorder™:

The name says it all. Automatic Call Recorder is a typical call recording application that records your incoming and outgoing call. With this app, you’re free to record any number of calls and transfer the recording to your new devices. Once you’re done talking, it doesn’t take time to process the recording and makes it ready then and there.

You can label, share and email your recordings to multiple platforms. If you wish to record an incoming call, just follow the below process:

–         Answer the call.

–         Open the Automatic Call recorder app.

–         Tap on Record.

–         Receive another incoming call sent by the app.

–         Hold this call.

–         Merge both the calls.

–         Recording starts automatically.

–         Once done, head towards the Automatic Call recorder app to access the recordings.

Automatic Call Recorder

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2. Edigin Call Recorder:

Edigin is a free to download call recording app that uses cloud based services to route your calls through their data centers to record your call. With this app, your recordings are secured and accessible through cloud and will not occupy unnecessary space in phone memory. If you’re conducting an interview or due to any reason, wants the other person to know that call is going to get recorded, you can play a recording announcement over the call as an option.

Edigin offers ad-free services and permission based access to recorder settings and recorded calls. The app is integrated with iPhone contact list and for your convenience, you can opt for their plans. However, Edigin requires you to sign a contract, without which the app doesn’t work.

Edigin Call Recorder

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3. TapeACall Pro:

TapeACall Pro is a paid yet titles as a number one business app in many countries. The app offers unlimited recording for a year and records all incoming and outgoing calls. TapeACall sets you free on how long you can record a call and lets you transfer the recording to new devices. You’re allowed to upload recording to cloud storages like Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive.

If you want to record an inbound call, just open TapeACall and tap on Record button. It puts your call on hold and dials the recording line. Once the line answers, tap on Merge to establish a 3-way call and record the same. TapeACall Pro provides customer service with humans, who understands you well.

TapeACall Pro

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4. Call Recorder – IntCall:

Call Recorder – Intcall is one of the best call recorder apps for iPhone in 2017 as it doesn’t even require a SIM card to be installed to use it. This app lets you make, receive and record national and international calls. Unlike other call recording apps, your recordings are saved on your phone and not on any third-party servers, ensuring privacy.

In order to use Call Recorder – IntCall app, you need to have a good internet connection (Wi-Fi/3G,4G). Since the app uses VOIP servers to make calls, its not free; although, you aren’t going to be charged from your carrier for any call made by this app.

Call Recorder - IntCall

5. Call Recording by NoNotes:

Another iPhone call recording app, Call Recording by NoNotes is another free to download app that transcribes and records your calls. You can record any call of any length, which later on gets saved on cloud. This app doesn’t require a credit card at the time of set up. With 1 00 000 active users, this app has been constantly rated the best call recorder apps for iPhone in 2017.

Call Recording by NoNotes offers a free call recording of 20 minutes free per month, post which you may purchase more if needed. You can share your recordings and use the app for dictation; also, there’s an attached QR code to file for playback.

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Overall, each of these apps records your incoming and outgoing calls; however, they all aren’t for free. Since some apps use VOIP and cloud service, they make your calls free from carrier but they charge according to their list of credits. You can select your app considering the level of privacy you’re expecting from it.

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