Best Free Batch Image Resizer for Mac 2017

Best Batch Image Resizer for Mac 2017

We often need to resize images. Sometimes to send them as email, sometimes to upload them to any website and for various other reasons.

If you are a Mac user and looking for a solution to resize images, then you will find many tips and tricks to do this but it is easier to resize images using the application.

You can try this best Image resizer from Systweak Software to resize images on your Mac. Let us find out more about this application and see how it works.

Here is the list of key features of this application.

  • With this software, you can resize single or multiple images at a time. If you need resized images for the bulk upload.
  • This application not only resize images it also converts them to different formats.
  • The application is capable enough to deliver high quality results with great speed.
  • Some other features like bulk renaming bulk rotation percentage wise compression are also available in the application.

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How to use Image Resizer:

  1. You can download this application for your Mac from here.

mac app store Systweak

After the completion of download and installation process you will see the home screen of the application.

  1. On the home screen, you can add a folder add a file or you can add entire photo library to this application.

 image resizer on mac

  1. It may take few seconds to add multiple photos Once you are done with adding photos you will see them in thumbnails even after adding images you can delete or remove them. Now click Next to continue.

 best image resizer on mac app store

  1. Now you can click on Resize settings to apply different attributes to selected images. Under Resize settings tab there are 3 different tabs which makes this application best image resizer software on mac. These tabs are Resize Flip and Rotate

how to resize image on mac

-you can configure size settings as per pixels or percentage.

-Rotate settings as per 90 degree clockwise, 90 degree antilock and 180 degree rotate.

-There are two options in flip section.

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  1. Proceeding further you can configure output settings you can change location of output folder. Add a prefix or suffix to output files. If you want to convert files in bulk you can change the format from here after uploading bulk files.

software to resize image on mac

  1. Conversion window: Next you will see conversion window here you can see total number of images converted till now compressed ratio batch name and progress percentage.

way to resize photos on mac

  1. After the completion of conversion, you can also see detailed log

This is how now you can easily convert, Resize or rotate images in bulk. The application is one stop solution for image editing. Now it become simpler for you to bulk resize rotate and change format for images.

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So, what are you waiting for Go and grab this best image resizer software on mac. Here is the link.

mac app store Systweak

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