how to get rid of instagram search history

How to Get Rid of Instagram Search History

Just like web browsers, social media accounts also keep a track of search history and other relevant information we take in use while browsing. Most of you must’ve noticed that Instagram too keeps a record of your recent search history like people whose profile you searched, places or hash tags.

Most social media platforms including Instagram maintains a track of your online activity so when you come back to the search bar you’ll find a list of all prior searches in a drop down. It gets quite convenient and provides a quick access for jumping on to your favorite profile or people whom you follow on a regular basis.

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But what if you feel like clearing the search history on Instagram? Maybe you feel the need of keeping your account safe and secure from prying eyes (Or maybe just snoopy friends). Here is how you can clear the search history on Instagram!

How to Clear the Search History on Instagram

Follow these quick steps to get rid of Instagram search history from your Smartphone.

  1. Launch Instagram.
  2. Tap the profile icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to Clear the Search History on Instagram

  1. Now look for a small gear icon to open Instagram settings.

How to Clear the Search History on Instagram

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  1. Scroll down until you find “Clear Search History” and tap on it.

How to Clear the Search History on Instagram

  1. A confirmation prompt will appear on the screen, select “Yes I’m sure” to proceed further.

How to Clear the Search History on Instagram 3

Keep in mind that following the above mentioned steps will only clear your search history on a temporary basis, and all the searches you clear may reappear in your history as soon as you search them again.

You can also hide individual accounts, hashtags or places to permanently remove them from your search history and keep them from reappearing. Let’s see how it works!

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How to Permanently Delete the Search history on Instagram

If you want that particular search item never appears on your search bar again then follow these steps:

  1. Tap  icon then tap the search bar at the top of the screen
  2. Below Top or Recent, tap and hold the search you’d like to hide from your history
  3. Tap Hide.

How to Permanently Delete the Search history on Instagram

That’s it folks! Now your friends will never find about your crushes 😉

If you face any trouble then feel to drop us a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

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