Twitter Now Much “Safe” For Users

Twitter Now Much “Safe” For Users

Jolly news for Twitteratis out there! Last week, Twitter announced a new bunch of advanced filter settings from specific types of accounts you want to avoid altogether. In simple parlance, Twitter now empowers more user control for you, allowing you to mute anyone with a new account or people whom you do not wish to follow.

Twitter has been mulling over adding the Mute Option since 2015, but finally released it this Monday. Now users will be given an alternative to never receive push warnings from a specific user without them knowing. It was essentially the ideal answer for quietly expelling somebody from your timeline without taking big steps like blocking or unfollowing them.

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Because Mute is the New DND on Twitter!mute twitter

Using Twitter now gets more safe isn’t it? Now you could simply get saved from annoying tweets (without hurting their ego). However, mutes users could still retweet or reply on your tweets but you won’t get any notification about it. Isn’t it all we ever wished for?

Back in 2016, Twitter added the alternative to mute keywords, catchphrases and conversations to help counter abuse that happens over online networking. Yet, it was in March that the organization took the Mute option to a completely new level.

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How to Use the New Mute Settings on Twitter App

Here are the simple steps that’ll enable the new mute settings on your Twitter app (iOS and Android).

  1. Head on to the notifications tab.
  2. Tap on the settings icon in the upper right hand corner, and select advanced filters option.
  3. Here you will see the entire list of specific types of accounts along with a toggle control to turn the mute feature on or off.twitter notifications
  4. For a web browser, click on the notifications timeline, settings, and then click to turn on the preferred filters.

For more details on managing the advanced settings of your Twitter account. Read this!

However, the organization made it clear that it is clearly learning from its past mistakes. With an end goal to make Twitter a “Safe Space” where individuals can communicate uninhibitedly, the stage urges user feedback being considered in future updates.

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It is a great step by Twitter to filter out abusive behavior. What do you think on the same? Drop us a comment and let your feedback reach to our other users as well.

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