10 Best Video Players For Windows 2018

10 Best Video Players For Windows 2018

All those, who bought their PCs for “work”, may sometimes become apathetic and require a break. For people like me, there’s nothing greater than a movie or an episode of favorite series to gain the lost enthusiasm. However, your video player plays a role as important as what you’re watching. There’re a lot of video formats which aren’t supported by various popular video players.

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Generally, I like video players which are handy and support anything that I want to play. Today, I am going to talk about the 10 best video player for Windows, which you won’t regret downloading:

Best Video Players For Windows 10, 8, 7 And Other Version

1. VLC Media Player:


VLC needs no introduction and deserves to be in the list as a foremost entity. This is among the very few media players, which support almost every video format; you name it and it plays. VLC keeps the least expectations from your machine, just download it if you’re using a basic configuration and it’ll serve you well. This tool downloads in blink of an eye and doesn’t require any additional codecs; its beast alone.

If you’re still looking at its basic appearance; its not just good for your stored videos and lets you stream and play files online directly from source. It allows you to record, capture and take screenshots with just a button pressed. If you’re still not satisfied than let me tell you, its free and never catches virus. So who’s complaining.

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2. Real Player:


Real Player was very popular in early 2000’s due to its lucrative design and appealing appearance. Well, its still one of the best ways to play your videos. Real Player is not just a player but a video manager that keeps every content in an organized form. It may be your one stop solution as it lets you download videos from YouTube and Vimeo, burn music to a CD or just watch online channels.

Real Player lets you lets you send photos, videos, and montages privately with one friend, or a group by the feature called RealTimes. It offers cloud service called RealCloud to save your videos and other files, which are retrievable at anytime and anywhere.

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3. KM Player:

KM Player

KM Player is a new generation media player that supports 3D videos along with SD and HD. All you need is a 3D glass and a bucket of popcorn to get started with it. KM Player it 3D Movie Plus service app for you to watch 3D movie trailers, advertisements, and documentaries from Discovery 3D World.

To your surprise, KM Player is a free to download application that supports almost all the versions of Windows OS. This application is best for its rare 3D format playback functionality, which is not available in many other good media player applications.

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4. GOM Media Player:

GOM_Media Player

GOM Media Player is among the best video players for Windows as it is loaded with built-in codecs. Codecs are used to decrypt the audio/video files so that player can play it for you. GOM sets you free of worries as its codecs support almost all the formats you want to play. If a codec is missing, it automatically finds and provides you with relevant page/link. Unlike other players, GOM comes with a reset button that takes you to default settings, if you encounter any problem.

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5. DivX Player:


If you’re looking for something out of the box, DivX is designed for you. With free HEVC playback, it offers ultra-high definition (UHD) quality videos, which is everything you may look for movies, tv series and web clips. You can stream videos, music and photos to any DLNA-compatible machine with the help of DivX Media Server. DivX Library keeps your purchased and in-house tracks organized and FF/RW feature lets you jump to your favorite scene. To be precise, DivX is good deal.

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6. Plex:


If you’ve started using it, you’re not going to change your media player in this life. Plex exceeds all the expectations when it comes to user-friendliness. Apparently, I’m blown away with its features and free third-party channels. If you want to stream your content within your LAN, you don’t have to go through any technical obstacles. However, Plex might charge you for the variety of features it provides. With Plex, you’re allowed to remotely access your home-located PC that has Plex running on it, just login through any web browser. In my opinion, if you can suffer the pain of setup, there’s heaven beyond it.

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7. POT Player:

Pot Player

POT Player is a simple yet one of the best video players for Windows. In less than 20 MB of installation size, it comes with all the necessary codecs to support almost every format of video. In case, you’ve missed to add codecs before-hand, there’s an option to install additional ones. The interface may appear simple without fancy features mounted on it; however, what it got behind the scene, is everything you may ever ask for.

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8. MPC-HC:


If you’re using an old machine with light configuration or you just want a basic, light-weight video player, MPC-HC should be for you. MPC-HC stands for Media Player Classic – Home Cinema, which is a free application but found to play HEVC (x.265) files flawlessly, including 4K with sufficient bit rates. MPC – HC delivers the performance that are expected from high-end video players, which makes it stand in the best video players for Windows.

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9. Kodi:


Kodi is a popular video player that came into light with its online streaming capabilities. It provides a great management to your tracks and lets you watch and record your favorite TV shows with its PVR add on. Anyway, Kodi is a giant world of add-ons and extensions to match and fulfil your needs. It not only supports maximum formats of music and movies and but also organizes them in the most convenient way possible.

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10. Bomi Player:

BOMI Player

Formerly known as CM Player, Bomi is an easy to use video player with powerful features and convenient functions. It’s a plug-and-play based application that saves you of going through the painful setup process. You’re allowed to configure Bomi as per your requirements in the preference dialog. Its unlimited playback history and automatic playlist generating facility surely steal your attention. In general, Bomi is a modern piece of technology that comes disguising a basic art.

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Taking everything into account, your selection to the best video player for Windows must comply with your machine hardware configuration. If you download a high-end application on a lower configured system, it may crash on it. Although, most of the video players mentioned above are good to go with standard machines used worldwide.

Rishi Sharma is a technical writer at Systweak Software. Being a software developer, he inclines to write about modern technology and progressive security for computers. One staunch admirer of Cricket, Rishi is also an active social worker and a gourmand.

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