How To Unlock Your Android Phone Using Fitbit

How To Unlock Your Android Phone Using Fitbit

Sometimes, unlocking your Android seems like a ton of work. Especially, when you’ve set a complicated pattern or a longer digit to enter your virtual world. Security is always a concern to look after, but how about going a little easy on your fingers?

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Today, we’re going to discuss how to unlock your Android phone using Fitbit with smart lock function:

  1. Set a passcode or pattern: If you haven’t set a pattern or passcode for your Android, make sure to configure it by visiting “Settings > Personal > Security > Screen Lock”. This pattern or passcode secures your device and is used to unlock your Android normally.
  2. Enable Smart Lock: If you’re using a Fitbit or any Bluetooth device as an unlocking tool, make sure to enable Smart Lock feature. You can check or enable it by going into device “Settings > Personal > Security and navigate to “Advanced” and select “Trust agents”, make sure that the “Smart Lock” option is turned “On”.enable smart lock
  3. Make Smart Lock recognize Fitbit: Smart Lock helps you unlock your Android when a trusted Bluetooth device is within the range. To make your Smart Lock, trust a Bluetooth device, make sure Bluetooth on your Android device is turned on.

Go to the “Smart Lock” menu. Tap on “Trusted devices”. Select “Add trusted device”, then choose “Bluetooth”. Choose your Fitbit from the list of connected Bluetooth devices.

As soon as you select your Fitbit to be trusted, it gets paired to be able to use as a Smart Lock Trusted Bluetooth Device.

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Here, it is worth noticing that some older Android devices may not support the Smart Lock functionality. Once you’ve set up the pairing, you can use to unlock Android phone using Fitbit by bringing it in the catchable range. Its recommended to keep your Fitbit safe with you or someone else may gain the access of your Android.

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