11 Best Antivirus Software For Mac 2018
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11 Best Antivirus Software For Mac 2018

If you are using a Mac, then then it may be a little difficult for you to find an antivirus software for it. It is comparatively easy to choose an antivirus software for Windows than Mac. So, if you are finding it difficult then let us shed some light on the best antivirus software for Mac. Depending on your requirement and usage you can choose anyone of them.

Best Antivirus for Mac in 2018:-

Here is the list of 11 antivirus software for Mac with their key features.

1. Systweak Antimalware

systweak antimalware logo

If you want to ensure the security of your Mac against online threats then Systweak Antimalware for Mac is a good option. It effortlessly detects and quarantines malware and similar threats. You get three options to scan: Deep, Quick, and Custom, choose the preferred one and rest will be taken care of. The software quarantines not only infected files but also unwanted programs and malicious apps. The virus definition database is always up to date so that your Mac stays secure. You can also schedule scanning and choose the days in a week, you want to run the scan.

2. Norton Antivirus for Mac:


Second in the list of best mac antivirus software is Norton. Norton from Symantec is a well-known name when it comes to an Antivirus or a security software. Its security suits are used worldwide by individuals and corporates. If you are looking for a complete security solution including your Mac smartphone and windows PC then nothing will suit your requirement like Norton. It offers exciting packages which allows you to protect any combination of Mac, PC and smartphones.  Norton gives you the best security and you will get latest updates which makes your system immune from the latest threats.

Download Norton Antivirus for Mac here

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3. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac:

bitdefender antivirus for mac

This antivirus is considered as another tough security suite for Mac. It claims to have 100% threat detection and stays at remarkable place when it comes to reliability. You can get a free 30-day trial version and then can go with the full version. Not only this Bit defender also provides you good after sales service. The package includes System protections against threats and provides you the complete optimization. It’s one click optimization is a nice feature which allows you to clean up Mac and to fix grass root level issues which makes it the best antivirus software for Mac. The application equipped enough to work with less human effort which makes it user friendly.

Download Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac here

4. AVG for Mac:

AVG Antivirus for mac

AVG comes with protection and tune up. It is considered as another best security software for Mac. AVG is one of those security software which were able to detect 100 percent Malware on your system. It is a tough security software but at the same time you may see a little effect on the performance of your Mac. It will perfectly suit you if security  is primary for you and you can compromise a little in the performance or if you are having high end hardware. Free version is also available but it is with limited capabilities.

Download AVG Antivirus for Mac here

5. Avira for Mac:

Avira-Mac antivirus best

Like a good security software Avira also works with the minimal human effort. It is more focused on protecting you from malware travel through internet which is the demand of time. Unlike other Antivirus or security software which comes with the Yearly subscription it gives you the flexibility to have a monthly subscription. Avira also shows when there is an update available for the software already installed on your Mac. Which helps in keeping your device well-tuned and up to date. If you will go with the premium services you will get privileged VIP access to a IT specialist.

Download Avira Antivirus for Mac here

6. Avast Antivirus for Mac:


If you do not want to pay to buy a security software for your Mac. Then you will find Avast as best software to protect Mac from virus for free. There are some features which other antivirus software mostly offer in paid version are available for free on Avast. These features include smart scan Wi-Fi inspector, Game mode etc. Though if you are having an older Machine then you can face some issues with the performance. If you will go for a paid version then you will get passive Mode, Sandbox and Real site as additional features.

Download Avast Antivirus for Mac here

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7. Kaspersky for Mac:

kespersky internet security best antivirus for mac

If you use internet heavily on your Mac, then having a protection software is must because most of computer infections and malware travel through internet these days. If we talk about internet security suits, then Kaspersky is one of the toughest security software. Like other efficient internet security suites, it gives you alerts when you open a website having malicious content. On the Purchase website, you can dedicatedly purchase Anti-Virus or Internet security or total protection which includes both.

Download Kespersky Antivirus for Mac here

8. BullGuard for Mac:

Bulguard antivirus best security for mac

Bullguard is another best software to protect Mac from virus. If you are looking for a security software which should also include parental control and should be capable enough to block suspicious websites, then BullGuard for Mac will be the best and cost effective solution. With the assurance of safety, the software also comes with 24/7 customer support. This allows you to use your devices with peace of mind and if at any point, you need a technical assistance you can contact the support center.

Download Bullguard Antivirus for Mac here

9. Panda Antivirus for Mac:

panda antivirus for mac

Another in the list of best Mac antivirus software is Panda. It provides you assurance to download any video app or any content from inter and to browse any website fearlessly. There are three protections to choose from on the product website. One is basic in which you will get anti malware external device control which protects you virus or malware from external hard drives, Wi-Fi protection which blocks unauthorized access to your device over Wi-Fi etc. on the other hand Complete protection includes identity protection and Tune up.

Download panda Antivirus for Mac here

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10. McAfee Plus Antivirus for Mac:

mcafee antivirus for mac 2017

McAfee is another well-known tool for system protection and antivirus. It is equipped with many aggressive system protection tools. McAfee provides you rock solid protection without compromising performance. It is also loaded with parental control. It gives you a secure password vault so if you have McAfee you do not need to remember all your passwords. 24/7 customer support is also an add on.

Download McAfee Antivirus for Mac here

11. ESET Cyber Security Pro for Mac:

Eset Cyber Security Pro Mac

ESET security is one the best antivirus software for Mac to protect you over the internet. The security suit comes with three different packages basic, Pro and multi device security. ESET gives you cast iron protection against malware and keep your Mac tuned to the best performance.

Download ESET Antivirus for Mac here

So, these were 10 best antivirus software for Mac. You can choose anyone of them which suits perfectly to your requirements. These apps will not only boost performance of your Mac but they will also help it secure.

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