How To Find Routes Avoiding Toll Roads On Google Maps

How To Find Routes Avoiding Toll Roads On Google Maps

Do you have to travel constantly for work and are annoyed by paying too many tolls? Now use Google Maps to avoid toll routes.

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Google Maps can do a lot more than simply showing you various routes to a particular destination. You can book a taxi, get latest traffic updates and find the quickest routes home. But did you know that you can also avoid toll booths with Google Maps? Well it certainly sounds like a blessing for people who travel out of town for work on a daily basis. It would not only help save money but also help you avoid boring traffic jams by showing alternate routes. Let us find out how you can simply exclude toll roads from the routes with google maps.

  1. First of all, open google Maps from the home screen of your smartphone. Enter from and to locations. Before you taping the start button, tap the three-dots(options) in the top right corner.

google maps2. From here, tap on “Route Options.”

route options

Here are the required options. You can easily avoid tolls, highways, or ferries by simply ticking the box and once you have set an option, it will remain enabled for future whenever you will search a route it will be according to the selected preference until next time you change these options.

road options

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That’s it now you can save your money by avoiding toll roads. This is how Google maps can not only save you from traffic but it can also save your money.

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