Best iPhone Launchers For Android 2018

Best iPhone Launchers For Android 2018

If you are going to upgrade to an iPhone just because of it’s attractive interface, then wait a minute. There are number of launchers available on the Play Store that can make your Android smartphone look like an iPhone with the same lock screen and home screen as iPhone. So, without any delay here’s our list of some of best iPhone launchers for Android.

Best iOS Launcher For Android 2018

1. One Launcher:

One Launcher

Your search for an iPhone launcher for your Android device ends here. It is a lightweight launcher. You can customize home screen with lots of themes and widgets. You will find it lightweight and full of amazing effects at the same time. Launcher will give you full feel of iPhone with 3 d transitions on home screen.

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2. XOS Launcher:

XOS Launcher

Another launcher application which you can use to give your Android phone look and feel of an iPhone is x OS launcher. With this launcher, you will find deleting and moving apps very simple. The best thing about this launcher is that it not only gives your Android phone look of iOS but you can transform it to other Android brands such as Samsung, LG, Huawei etc. If you will go for the iOS them the icons will look exactly same as iOS. The launcher will allow you to enjoy super speedy and smooth functioning. Application is loaded with the default wallpapers of iOS and other user interfaces. It takes only few MBs on your disk space. It is one of the best iOS launcher for Android.

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3. OS 10 Launcher:

OS 10 Launcher

Another best iPhone launcher for Android is OS 10 Launcher. If with the user interface and icon pack you are a fan of some of the cool features of iOS then this launcher will perfectly fit your requirements. In this launcher, you will get the feature similar to the Spotlight search on iOS and suggested apps. Spotlight search on iOS makes lots of things simpler and the same thing you will find in this launcher.

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4. Nova launcher:

Nova launcher

If you are looking for a launcher with 3D touch, a well-known feature in iPhone 6S and later then you should choose Nova launcher. Though you will not get all the features or look and feel of iOS but you will get 3D touch with this launcher. 3D touch is capability to perform certain actions without opening the app. Like all other launchers the app is loaded with cool themes and widgets too.

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5. Theme For iOS 11 Skin:

Theme for iOS 11 skin

With the exact same icon pack this launcher will give you the same look and feel of iOS. The application is having 4.5 overall rating on the play store. In the app, you will also get live wallpapers for iPhone 7. You can use this launcher on your smartphone and on your tablets.

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So, these were 5 best iPhone launchers for Android. Depending upon what features you like from iOS you can choose one from the list for your Android smartphone. These launchers will allow you to enjoy flexibility of Android with cool look and feel of iOS.

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