Hide The Notification Badges For Apps On Your iPhone

Hide The Notification Badges For Apps On Your iPhone

If you are iPhone user then you must be aware of the notification badges that appear over the apps.  Notification Badges usually appear on top of mail or message icon to let you know the number of unread emails or messages.

However, when this comes to the mail app or message app most of us tend to ignore the emails or messages which we find of no use. Therefore, it is always better to hide this notification badge on applications you do not frequently use. So incase you agree, we have discussed how you can disable Notification Badges for various apps.

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How To Get Started:

  1. Tap on Settings app to launch setting menu. Now tap on Notification setting.
    iPhone notifications
  2. You will find the list of all the apps which push notification. Now select the app by tapping on it for which you wish to disable the notification badge.
    Disable iPhone notification badge
  3. Now in the app notification screen, you will find the option of Badge App Icon. Since we wish to hide the notification badge toggle the switch to off.
    Badge app icon iPhone

That’s all what you have to do. Now the counter which shows you the number of unread messages/mails will never appear on the top of the app. However, if you are worry that whether your notification will still appear or not, then please be assured that disabling notification badge only disable the badge. Your notification from the apps will continue to appear as before.

You can follow the above steps and disable the notification badge for any app for which you do not wish to show that red notification counter.

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So, friends, what are you waiting for, follow the steps and disable this annoying (which I personally feel) notification badge over the apps.

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