How to Scan Documents using Notes app in iOS 11

The introduction of iOS 11 not only brings new features but also enhances functionality in existing apps. Notes app in particular, has seen some changes that users might not be aware of. Hence in this article, we are going to talk about the pre-existing Notes app on your iPhone and it’s new features.

Many at times it happens that we have to rush to a nearby shop to convert a physical document into digital one as we have to send it over email. Yeah, you have an alternate to take a snap of that document by your phone’s camera and then send it, but that too is not one of the greatest option.

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However, with all new document scan option in the Note app you do not need to worry regarding scanning any of your document. And guess what, you can also convert the scanned document into a pdf file. So, if you sound this feature useful then just continue with your read.

How to get started:

The whole method of using this feature is quite easy and using this you can scan any of your document within a minute or two.

  1. Tap on Notes app on your iPhone. Once the application is launched tap on pen icon which is present at the bottom right corner of the phone’s screen to create a new note. Scan Documents using Notes app in iOS 11
  2. Now tap on + icon located just above the keyboard.Scan Documents using Notes app in iOS 11
  3. Now tap on Scan Documents, this will open the camera of your iPhone. Point the camera of your phone towards the document which you wish to scan.Scan Documents using Notes app in iOS 11
  4. Now after lining up with the document click the picture of it. Next thing which you have to do is to rescale the scanned document by aligning the corners of the scanned document. Now tap on keep scan to save the scan. In case you do not get the desired result tap on Retake to rescan the document.Scan Documents using Notes app in iOS 11
  5. The document you just scanned can be found as an image in the Notes application. But as stated earlier, this feature also provides you with an option to convert this image into a pdf file. Now to convert that scanned document to pdf file, open the scanned document and tap on tap on the share icon which is present at the upper right corner of the screen
  6. Now, from the available list of options, tap on Create PDF to convert this image file to pdf file.Scan Documents using Notes app in iOS 11
  7. Now tap on Save File To save this pdf file.
    Scan Documents using Notes app in iOS 11
  8. You now have an option to save that pdf file either on your phone or over iCloud.Scan Documents using Notes app in iOS 11

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So, guys, using this quick and easy feature you can scan any of your document and make it a digital one.

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