5 Best Gmail Alternatives You Can Use in 2018

5 Best Gmail Alternatives You Can Use in 2018

There is no denying that Gmail is the most popular Email service across the globe. It has an edge over others because it has always offered exhaustive and productive features. Moreover, at the time of launch, it offered one-gigabyte storage capacity per user, which was quite a big deal that time. Despite all these features, Gmail has its set of limitations as well.

Best Alternatives Of Gmail In 2018

Here are some of the best Gmail alternatives you can use.

1. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook- gmail alternatives

If you’re using Windows Operating System, then Microsoft Outlook is the easiest and quickest way to stay in touch with your clients, co-workers and business partners. It is an effective alternative to Gmail that allows you to sync and use the same account to access multiple programs. It is similar to using Gmail to access features such as, Calendar, Contacts, OneDrive, and Evernote.

It is a personal information manager from Microsoft, which supports almost all the available platforms be it Android, Windows, Mac or iPhone. Outlook.com provides up-to 5 GB storage space free of cost along with an upload file size limit of 5 MB with each attachment. No wonder it has over 400 million active users!


  • It provides quick processing of emails.
  • It has pretty good security and helps de-clutter redundant files.
  • Offers an organized overview of inbox.
  • It comes with user-friendly interface and can integrate with many apps and devices.

2. Tutanota

Tutanota- gmail alternatives

With over two million users, Tutanota is second gmail alternative on our list. It is an open-source end-to-end encrypted email software, which provides freemium hosted secure email service to send and receive emails.

Tutanota is not just another email client. With it’s in-built privacy service, it is one of the most secure email service provider in the market. It offers both, free and paid accounts. Moreover, premium account users can use their own domains with Tutanota.

Note: There is no way to recover a password in Tutanota. So, no one will be able to ever login into your account without the correct password.


  • You can easily customize your signature.
  • It provides 1GB storage space free.
  • It allows you to Blacklist and Whitelist email addresses and domains.
  • Tutanota is available for both mobile apps and web.

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3. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail- alternate of gmail

Zoho Mail is one of the the best Gmail alternatives you can use to communicate professionally and personally. It provides custom domain-based email address for your entire organization in real time. In case, you already have your own domain name, you can easily setup your email address with Zoho Mail without any difficulty.

Like other email platforms, Zoho Mail also offers the facility to integrate your Tasks, Reminders, Contacts, Calendar, docs, and many other links.  Zoho mail offers 5 GB storage space and 10GB document storage capacity.


  • It is an ad-free email service.
  • It supports encryption for documents and mails.
  • Zoho Mail offers two options to sign up: paid and free.
  • You can access it anywhere and customize your emails as per your needs and priority.

4. AOL Mail

AOL Mail- gmail alternate

AOL Mail is one of the best this is category. It is a free web-based email service that protects your privacy. The best part about AOL Mail is, it provides unlimited storage space with a file attachment limit of up to 25 MB. AOL Mail supports almost all the available domains such as @aol.com, @games.com, @wow.com, @love.com and @ygm.com.

In AOL Mail however displays ads while user is accessing e-mail account. However, it is a secured platform that provides spam and virus protection.


  • It is available in 54 different languages.
  • It is a simple yet quick secure platform to send and receive emails.
  • You can quickly search for your emails using email filters.
  • It supports AIM Panel with a buddy list.

5. FastMail

FastMail- gmail alternative

FastMail is an email service, which offers paid email accounts for individuals and organizations. It comes with a straightforward interface for novices. It is a dependable email service, which helps you keep your mail box organized and spam free. FastMail is available in multiple languages and is used across the world.

FastMail provides almost similar features as Gmail does. It is an ad-free email service that supports two-step verification for your security and safety.


  • All the features of FastMail are included with SSL support to safeguard privacy and security.
  • It allows you to filter your emails and organize your contacts and Calendar.
  • You can retrieve mails from another account as well, such as Yahoo and Gmail.
  • In case, you forget your password, you can easily set a new one.

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So, these were the 5 best Gmail alternatives you can use.  All the alternatives have enriched and excellent features to rely on. Select the one that fits your interests and requirements.

Bhoomika Basera is an analyst and blogger at Systweak Software. She likes to explore and discover latest technological updates and hacks.She is a backpack traveller and loves to explore cities and off beat places!

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