How To Permanently Delete Files Or Folders On Mac

How To Permanently Delete Files Or Folders On Mac

Storing and deleting files is an ongoing process on your Mac and we often require deleting files permanently to make more space on our Mac. Sometimes for security reasons as well we are required to permanently delete files on Mac. In this article, we will discuss how files can be deleted permanently. Sometimes permanently deleted files also leave traces and they can be recovered later. Hence, it will certainly be helpful if also we discuss how you can permanently delete files without leaving traces.

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1. Deleting Files With Keyboard Shortcut:

 In the latest version of OS X you will get an option to immediately delete a file or a folder which deletes file permanently bypassing the Trash Can.

a) Keyboard Shortcuts For Deleting Files Immediately:

After selecting a file, you can press Option + Command + Delete on your keyboard and then confirm the deletion. This will permanently delete a file from your Mac. You can also use this shortcut to permanently delete folders on Mac.

Deleted selected items

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b) Use Finder Menu To Delete File Immediately:

Delete immediately option is also available in the file menu in the finder.

Choose files which you want to delete permanently and then press options key to go to the file menu now choose Delete immediately from the file menu.
delete file immediately

After the confirmation selected files will be deleted permanently.

As we have discussed earlier files deleted by this method may leave traces. So, if you are deleting something which is confidential and you do not want it to be in wrong hands then you should delete using a third-party application. Here we will discuss about TuneupMyMac application by Systweak software this application comes with an inbuilt shredder which is meant to delete secret files permanently. Let us find out how shedder option of this application can help you to delete files permanently.

How To Permanently Delete Files On Mac Using TuneupMyMac

  1. In the shredder option of the application you can add files which you want to delete permanently.
  2. You can also check the list and can remove selected items if you have added something unintentionally.
  3. Before proceeding further check the list of selected files again. Now click on shred icon to permanently delete files on Mac which are selected by you.
    delete files on mac

The application is not only useful for deleting files but you can also help recover storage on your Mac. Best part about this application is that it comes with an inbuilt duplicate file cleaner that helps you to find and delete duplicate files from your Mac. This helps to spare lots of space on your Mac.

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You can find more details and the download link for the application from the given link.

Using this software can work on Mac OS X 10.7 or later so if you are running an older version of OS X which is not having “Delete immediately” option by default it can be considered as better way.

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