10 Best Video Call Software for Windows PC in 2018 (Free and Paid)

10 Best Video Call Software for Windows PC in 2018 (Free and Paid)

Video calls are no longer a luxury but more of a necessity. Though the technology behind it has been around for decades yet we rely on it heavily. After all, face to face conversations definitely add more personal touch to chats than those mainstream audio calls.

Be it humanizing conversations with our parents, best friends or partner, it indubitably reduces all the geographical barriers and keep us connected with our loved ones around the world. Therefore, its must to have the best video call software by your side.

So, here we come with our list of best video calling apps for PC.  

Best Video Calling Apps for PC 2018

Now that video calling has become mainstream. Let us look at the top 10 best video calling software for Windows 7,10.

1. Skype

skype for pc download now

Undoubtedly the most popular name on this list, Skype has been around for a long time now. It has come a long way and has only been notching up in offering the best video calls over the years. Its interface is still the same, simple and easy to use, however with time it has added many more useful features. This video chat software offers both free and paid call facility. Its paid version allows user to call any number across the world at a nominal price. You can not only make voice calls but also video calls.

So, stay in touch with your loved ones by downloading this video chat app for laptop right now.

Download Skype!

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2. Google Hangouts

Google hangout for pc

Google has become the pioneer in digital communication. What started with just simple email service, has further evolved to various communication services including video calls. Google Hangouts is one of the best video call software now. This platform allows its users to send messages, make audio as well as video calls with other Gmail ID owners. All you need to do is to create a free Gmail ID. This video chat software allows users to have a video call with 10 people at the same time. Although the option is available in Gmail, you can also download the Google web application.

Install Google Hangouts!


line for pc download video chat

Launched in Japan, in the year 2011, Line is a free messaging & calling app. Like others on this list, the software helps you cut down on distances with your favourites, with its online video calling for PC. Although this video chat software is more popular on phones, however, it is also available for Windows. Apart from the high-quality calls, LINE has a huge collection of stickers and emoticons that you can find in its Sticker Shop. You can share images, videos and voice messages with other Line users on your contact list.

Get LINE here!

4. Tango

tango for pc download

Tango is one of the oldest yet best video call software which is available for both phones and Windows PC. With more than 200 million users, the app has a loyal customer base. Of Course, like others on the list Tango allows users to make video calls, but the best of all the platform features number of mini games on the site. That means, users can play games while on a call. The software clubs both entertainment and communication to give us a great experience.

Download this wonderful video chat app for laptop right here!

5. Viber

viber for pc download video calling app

In our list of Best video calling apps for PC, Viber definitely had to be included, because of its multiple features with easy-to-use & simple interface. The app is available for free and allows you to call any Viber user across the globe. Apart from video calls, the software lets user chat with other Viber users. It has some of the most adorable stickers that you can send while chatting with your friends & relatives. You can also sync your mobile Viber app with your Windows PC.

Get Viber here!

6. Imo

imo messenger for pc video chat software

Meet- Imo one of the best video calling software for windows 7,10 because of its free availability and simple to use interface. The app offers multi device support, that you can use it not just on your phone but also on your PC, in the comforts of your home! It has some really cool and happy stickers to make your chats livelier. It offers users to make audio and video calls as per their convenience. Using Imo is as simple as the good old phone with calling and messaging facilities. Imo is a hassle-free online video calling for PC, which can be used by one and all. It also proffers an extension for Chrome Browser.

Install this video chat app for laptop right here!

7. Facebook Video Chat

facebook video call

You saw this coming, right? Like other best video calling software for laptop covered on the list, Facebook Video Chat is another popular functionality of Facebook Messenger. The video chat quality of the feature is quite high and lets you connect with all your contacts on Facebook. To avail online video calling for PC free- the Facebook Video Chat feature, you must download Messenger.

Get started with Facebook Messenger right here!

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8. Nimbuzz


Nimbuzz is a well-known Messenger app, which has been around for some time. What started as just a messaging/texting app has come a long way, with added features such as free audio and video calling. Nimbuzz- the best video calling software for laptop has no compatibility issues with any mobile platform, and its available for Kindle, Mac and Windows as well.

Install Nimbuzz!

9. TokBox

tokbox for pc

A web-based video chat software, TokBox allows user to share interactive videos, presentations & documents with others on the same platform. It allows users to make video calls with Facebook contacts by using an extension. It is compatible with almost all platforms including Windows PC. You can make both voice as well as video calls. The app has both free and paid version. The free version is for limited time. This is an ideal option if you are looking at a video chat app for professional use as it allows conference calls as well.

You can video chat with over 20 people simultaneously with this best video calling software for laptop. Click here to download!

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10. WeChat

wechat for pc video calling software

Our list of best video calling software for windows 7,10 would be incomplete without WeChat. The app is available for all popular platforms, like, Android, Apple, Mac OS and Windows. It lets the user connect with other WeChat users through chats, audio and video calls. The platform allows users to transfer files & documents as well. You can use WeChat on both your phone and system. In case you are logged in on the website, you will get all the notifications on your desktop and not on your phone.

Install WeChat!

That’s All!

Be it professional or personal space, communication plays a vital role in our lives. We hope this blog- The Best Video Calling Software for Laptop was helpful in choosing a suitable video chat software which aligns to your needs and requirements.

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