Add More Fun This Christmas With Google Santa Tracker

Add More Fun This Christmas With Google Santa Tracker

Christmas, a day which we anxiously wait for a year to arrive. We make plans for the entire year to make the Christmas more happening and joyful than the previous one. In this era, when technology is at its full boom there are lot many things available which help in making this festival more sparkling.

In this article, we would like to introduce Google’s Santa Tracker, a program by Google Inc to celebrate this big day with a lot more excitement. Also, if you do not wish to stick to your computer and enjoy all these activities while on the go, then you can also install Google Santa Tracker app on your smartphone as well.

What Is Google Santa Tracker?

Google Santa Tracker is program that has been designed by Google Inc with theme based on Christmas. The program which came into existence 13 years back, allows the user to celebrate this occasion with fun filled interactive activities.

Santa tracker

Though all the fun starts from 1st December with each activity or game unveiled each day, however, the Santa Tracker itself goes live on 24th December a day just before Christmas. This means from 24th onwards all Santa lovers can start tracking him every single minute on desktop, Android app, Chromecast and Android Tv.

There are counters which helps in tracking how much distance Santa has covered, how far he is from the viewer who is tracking him along with the number of presents Santa delivered to his fans.

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Frankly speaking, Google Santa Tracker is inspired from Norad Track Santa, a website which has been tracking Santa since 1955.

Norand track santa

This website was quite popular amongst its users and when Google realized that the site was getting lot of pageviews it decided to launch a similar program known as Google Santa Tracker.

Initially it didn’t gain much of success, however now with addition of new activities each year, Google Santa Tracker is gaining popularity as Norad Track Santa.

As per data shared on Wikipedia, Google Santa Tracker gets an average page-views of 30,000–45,000. However, this count rises drastically to 150000 page views with the start of holiday season i.e. from October.

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What’s New This Year?

For attracting more and more users, Google keeps adding new interactive activities. However, as the world is shrinking more and more to a 5-inch display i.e. smartphone, Google has worked a lot on Google Santa Tracker app available at Play Store.

google santa activities

Now you can enjoy all the activities that are available on web on your phone. Moreover, a new game is added for Android app known as “Santa Snap”. As per Google with this new game, you can fly from one corner of the globe to another, helping Santa and capturing snaps of famous landmarks on your jetpack-powered elf.

Another new game Santa’s canvas is added for web as well as Android app to bring out the artist hidden inside you. Also, new game known as Snowball Storm is added where you can participate in an online multiplayer snowball fight. Apart from these Speed Sketch and Elf Ski are two other games which will surely add more fun and enthusiasm.

Santa canvas

As teachers are the ones who play a major role in molding a bright future of children, more resources are added for them. Starting from this year video tutorials are added along with lesson plans to help the teachers who do not have much expert in computer science.

From this year onward, Google has started support for Android TV as well. This means that now you can install Google Santa Tracker app directly on your Android TV box and enjoy the unlimited fun.

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So, guys countdown has already begun for the big day. If not already installed, get this app on your phone and delve into the all new treasure of entertainment.

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