5 Best Technologies To Look For In 2018

5 Best Technologies To Look For In 2018

With the dawn of each year, most of us look forward to the upcoming technological advancements. It is obvious that Bitcoin technology is going to be the talk of the town even this year but there are other things too. With continuous development and dedicated workforce, you’re going to witness a lot of new technologies in 2018. Today, we’re going to talk about 5 best technologies to look for in 2018:

technology in 2018

1. Cyber Security:

With all the talks of Russian intrusion in 2016 election, it torched a much important discussion to look after the cyber security. A Cybersecurity Campaign Playbook, which is authored by a bipartisan expert based at Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs reveals the ways and laws to provide handy and executable methods to counter the growing cyber threat.

cyber security

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2. Online Shopping:

After eating all the retail market without a burp, Amazon is going to motivate other brick and mortar organizations to study and implement new ideas. Amazon Go, the test laboratory of the online shopping portal giant, is going to inspire other retailers to open some test stores without any sales person or checkout counter. It proposes a store where people can come, pick the item and go. There are some speculations that these stores may accept Bitcoins as payment.

3. Artificial Intelligence:

There’s no doubt that AI has improved various things surrounding us in a daily life. From a giant medical diagnostic machine to aero-planes, there’s not much left for a human to interfere. However, scientists aren’t going to stop here and will explore more in this field of machine learning. In 2018, the usage of AI at the workplaces is going to be thrilling to watch as it is designed to improve the ergonomics.

4. Energy:

With the limitation of natural resources and the crisis evolution after a calamity, it inspired a new opportunity. Elon Musk’s Tesla and other big names in solar power sector worked on a special power grid with a combination of battery and solar energy storage. It aims to bring a revolution in 2018 in the sector of power collection storage and collection.


5. Quantum Computing:

Quantum computers take a different approach while processing an information. They work on the principle of quantum mechanics and exploit the hidden but existing fascinating and complex laws of nature. Doing this, they can process and run different types of algorithms with a better success rate. The scientist are too close to this technology, which hopefully be ruled out in 2018.

Quantum computer

Overall, technology has no starting and end, it is seamless and always getting better. With the start of 2018, we can expect many such technologies which will either surprise us or will change the way of doing things for good.

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