5 Cool Tech and Gadgets 2018

5 Cool Tech and Gadgets 2018

The year 2018 came with lots of new inventions and innovations in the world of technology. This year, we are expected to be introduced to some of the coolest gadgets and tech. So without wasting much time, let’s look into some of the coolest tech and gadgets of 2018.

1. Red Smartphone: The World’s First Holographic Media Machine

Red Smartphone The World First Holographic Media Machine

Last year, Red announced about its world’s first holographic screen smartphone named “Red Hydrogen”. The specialty of the phone is it works on 3D technology which will give you the 3D experience without glasses. As per Red, it will display “H4V AND 4V” holographic video content without 3d glasses (H4V is a video format). It would allow you to project things on the map like landscape view of roads and buildings. It would give you the virtual tour of the screen between buildings.

Booking is now opened for pre-orders for the prices.

Titanium $1,595

Aluminum $1,195

However, Red has not yet announced any official date for release. Most probably, it will be available for users in April 2018.

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2. Amazon Go Stores offers Checkout Free Shopping for the First Time

Amazon Go Stores offers Checkout Free Shopping for the First Time

Recently, Amazon launched checkout-free convenience store for consumers in Seattle, Washington. As per the consumer statement, he said, “This is the future of grocery shopping. It’s exciting to see the technology in action”. The store is fully armed with cameras and sensors to trace the product. As the electronic readers will read the stickers on the item and customer without standing in line can check out. As per the store tagline “Just Walk Out shopping”. This will save the time of the consumer and make shopping an easy breezy affair.

3. Proof: An alcohol tracking wrist band

Proof An alcohol tracking wrist band

Proof is a wrist worn wearable to track the accurate blood alcohol levels without blowing into breathalyzer or having to take a blood test. Users can track real-time notification on their smartphone when Proof is paired with it. The technology uses biometric sensor to track the blood levels. Nowadays, drink and drive is a big offence and no one should do that. Proof would be the good solution to this problem. However, currently proof is still in the development stage and not available for sale.

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4. Nutale: A Real-Time GPS Tracker

Nutale A Real-Time GPS Tracker

Nutale is an intelligent GPS tracker with a compact design. It is user-friendly device which would help to track your belongings like bike, pets, luggage etc. The device can track up to unlimited range in both indoor and outdoor. It has 4 layers of tracking technology with an accuracy. The expected world-wide release of Nutale is first quarter of 2018. The GPS device is fully compatible with iOS and Android. The device has a long battery life up to 30 days.

5. Kuri: A Real-Life Robot

Kuri A Real-Life Robot

Kuri is an affordable home robot for your home which will add a unique spark to your life. It is designed as a smart personal assistant with a huge capability. When you are away from your home, just check in to record special moments, entertain your household with music, and so much more. It can understand your home environment and navigate on her wheels. It has a capacitive touch sensor which responds humans in a personal way. Kuri’s camera can capture photos, HD videos with live stream capabilities. Its in-built speakers deliver the rich sound in your apartment.

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