10 Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers In 2018

10 Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers In 2018

If you are in the race to get popular online and want to reveal your hidden talent to the world using the best online video sharing platform, YouTube, then this blog will help you to get one step ahead. Have you ever wondered that how videos of people look crystal clear and funky over YouTube? The answer is that they use a video editing software. So why shouldn’t you? If you are a YouTuber looking for Video editing software which can help you to post videos on YouTube with some artistic touch then here are the best video editing software for YouTubers.

1. Windows Movie Maker

 Windows Movie Maker

If you are a beginner in video editing and are looking for software which can allow you to make some basic tweaks in your videos then you should go for Windows Movie maker. If your aim is to post some photos and videos with funny transitions and artistic effects then this software will work well for you but if you are looking for advanced editing features in your videos then you should go for other video editor YouTubers use from the given list.

2. Virtual Dub:

Virtual Dub

The software is compatible with both 64 and 32-bit Windows. As the name suggests it can be used to dub videos and has other features which can be used to recompress and filter videos. Although editing power is limited but if you are looking to make some limited edits then this software will be the best choice as it is lightweight, easy to understand and free of cost.

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3. Pinnacle Studio 19:

Pinnacle Studio 19

Next on our list is a powerful video editing software which can be used with a great ease. Some of the amazing features of this software are Multi- Cam Editing, Audio Ducking and dual preview. Software needs to be paid for but is definitely worth it for those who are looking for a powerful tool to edit their videos and are ready to shell out money.

4. Corel VideoStudio Pro X9.5:

Corel VideoStudio Pro X9.5

If you are a professional or an advanced YouTuber then this video will be the best choice for you because it gives you flexibility to mix or edit videos from multiple angle cameras. It has more than 1500 customizable options. Software may look costly but it is completely worth buying if you want to give life to your videos.

5. iMovies:


Another best free editing software for YouTube is iMovies. It can be utilized for skinning, nonlinear editing, texturing, smoke simulations, texturing etc. The best part is, the 3D Graphics hardware requirements for this software are very reasonable.

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6. AVS Editor

AVS Editor

This video editor is loaded with 670 transitions and effects. It also has 46 types of text options and 34 disc menu templates. Very simple to use, all that you need to do is drag and drop the effect in its place. It supports popular formats such as HD, MPEG, AVI, WMV, QuickTime, Adobe Flash, mobile video, Real Networks and WebM files.

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7. Adobe Premiere Elements 11:

Adobe Premiere Elements 11

If you are an Adobe Suite user you will feel familiar with this editor. The version 11 has new effects added, such as, cinematic FilmLooks, slow motion and speeding up. It has picked up some of the most popular features from the Premiere Pro version and has further made it easy and simple to use.
What’s the best part? Users can share their videos with Vimeo. So go ahead make some cool videos and share them with your audience!

8. CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector

Power packed with editing tools yet very simple to use, CyberLink PowerDirector is one of our favorite editors on this list. It is not as costly and yet offers some amazing tools to edit. The interface has undergone some changes to make the interface more intuitive and features more ‘content aware’. The editor will now be able to identify issues in a video such as, shakiness, lighting and faces to create better videos. To top it, CyberLink also supports 4K video content.

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9. Final Cut Pro:

Final Cut Pro

There are two modes available for this software and users do not need to install two different software to switch between these two modes you can easily switch. Software gets regular updates. But if you are a Windows user then there is bad news. This software is only for Mac OS X. But this software is a complete delight for Mac users.

10. Lightworks:


Lightworks is the next powerful video editing software which supports videos up to 4K in HD and SD formats. The interesting fact about this software is that it has been used in many of the popular films. With its compatibility with most of the common operating systems you will get multi camera editor custom made interface. Monthly license is available at very nominal price so the software is completely worth giving a try.

So, these were best video editor for YouTubers. This list has best of free editing software and paid ones, so choose any software which is suitable for you and start rocking the world with the artist hidden inside you.

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