Newsletter: Send SMS From Alexa & Google Flights Is More Reliable Than Ever

Newsletter: Send SMS From Alexa & Google Flights Is More Reliable Than Ever

QUOTE OF THE DAY“Riding a bicycle is the summit of human endeavor – an almost neutral environmental effect coupled with the ability to travel substantial distances without disturbing anybody. The bike is the perfect marriage of technology and human energy.” ~ Jeremy Corbyn



Now, Amazon Alexa, the digital voice assistant can send text messages via Echo devices.


In the world of Smart home devices and digital voice assistants, updates and upgrades to make them better and enhance the capabilities is a trend. Amazon is definitely smart enough to follow the trend to remain in the race. Now Alexa is able to send text messages via its Echo devices.

You can send SMS messages to your friends and other contacts with just your voice. You can even just ask Alexa to send SMS to a contact, Alexa will enumerate, what service to use, whether to use previously launched Alexa messaging system or by sending it as an SMS instead.


To use the feature, you need to be living in the US and have an Android phone which is connected or synced to your Alexa account. Moreover, there is no news whether this feature will be available for iOS devices and other regions in the future.

Well, not coming to other regions can’t be a good thing for Alexa. However, as Apple is launching its own HomePod, the feature might not appear for iOS.


If you want to use the feature, follow the instructions which will appear in a prompt in Alexa app on your Android. All you need to do is Go to Conversations tab of the app and select Contacts. Now, tap on “My Profile” then turn the “Send SMS” feature on. Moreover, you can also define if you wish to send a “text message,” or you can simply ask Alexa to send a “message,” (which will be sent to Alexa devices, but if there is no Alexa device available then will be sent as an SMS.

Note: You can’t send SMS through the app, the SMS can only be sent using your voice and Alexa devices.



Google Flights gets an update which brings two new features.


In the world of flight delays and complexities of cheaper fare, Google has come up with two features to be a white knight in the shining armor. Google Flights will now be taking the information from the airlines and also will use its understanding of historical data and Machine learning algorithms to forecast delays even before airlines.

Google also said that it will not predict anything in the app unless there are 80% sure about the prediction. Although this doesn’t mean that you will not reach Airport on time, you will be knowing the situation in advance.

The other feature added to Google Flights focuses to help travelers with the information about Basic Economy fares such as what things are included or excluded within the ticket cost. Well, travelers on a budget, prefer low-cost fares but there are various diminutions which also varies from airline to airline.


With the app, you can track the status of your flight with flight number or the airline and flight path. In this way, you will get the status of the flight in the search results. Moreover, the app will also provide you with the reasons for delays such as aircraft late arrival or unfavorable weather conditions.

Google Flight will show all the restrictions associated with the low fares such as additional baggage fees, ability to select a seat, overhead space and more. For now, it will work for United flights, American and Delta worldwide.

Earlier, Google Flights added price tracking and deals to it as well as hotel search features for web searchers. Seems like Google Flights is following the trend and trying to be the best among all travel apps.

With machine learning and historical data, Google Flights will sure make traveling experiences less hasty.

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