Best Apps For Portrait Mode On iPhone

Best Apps For Portrait Mode On iPhone

Latest models of iPhones are known for their stunning portrait mode which makes your photographs look like they have been shot on a professional camera. If you have clicked a selfie on iPhone X then you can get portrait mode on front camera as well but there is something which can be done to get portrait mode on any image. Though it cannot replace the original depth effect in the photos but of course it gives your photos a close look and feel of professional photography. We are talking about third party applications which can give you stunning depth effect in your photos. If you will go to the App Store you will find hundreds of applications which claim to give you portrait mode on any iPhone but here we have shortlisted best 5 applications that can bring portrait mode on any iPhone.

Best Apps to Get Portrait Mode On iPhone

  1. FabFocus:

FabFocus is an amazing and less expensive solution if you want to get portrait mode on your iPhone. The application allows you to directly click photographs to add depth effect or you can choose any image from your gallery to add depth or bokeh effect. If you opt to choose an image from the photo gallery then you may find application a little slower in terms of detecting face but it delivers accurate results which compensates for the time which it spends in detecting faces. User interface of application is also very easy to understand which makes it worth spending money on.


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  1. PortraitCam:

Another application to add new life to your photographs is PortraitCam. Like FabFocus you can choose to click a photograph or edit an existing photo. Most of the time face detection of the application works perfectly but sometimes you may need some tweaking. If we talk about the interface of the application you need to do masking over the subject and once masking is done it gives you a sharp and clear subject with refined edges.


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  1. AfterFocus:

After focus is another application which falls in a decent price level. It works perfectly and the face or object detection technology is amazing with lesser efforts you can get neat and clean edited images. You can choose from different kind of blur effects such a Motion blur or Normal blur. Color mask filter in the application is really amazing it keeps the subject colorful and rest as faded.


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  1. Fore Photo:

Now let us talk about a free application to get portrait mode on any iPhone because not necessarily all the users are ready to pay to get the portrait mode. So, if you are looking for a free solution and can compromise with some features then you should choose Fore Photo. The application allows you to only edit existing photos. Earlier this application was known as Patch. When you load a photo for editing, it automatically detects the subject all you can do is change the intensity of blur and adjust subject using brushes.

Fore Photo

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  1. Portrait: Depth Mode Effect Photo Editor:

Another free application to get portrait mode on any iPhone is Portrait. The application is totally free but requires a little human effort. With the help of given brushes, you need to select the subject and here you should not worry about the accuracy of the selection because the application refines edges perfectly. In the next step you will get neatly blur background on your photo. You can directly share your edited image on Facebook or Instagram or can save them to camera roll.


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So, these were 5 apps which can help you to get portrait mode or depth effect on any iPhone and on any photograph. Choose an application from the given list and add life to your photos make them look like they have been shot on a professional camera and rock the social media world.

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