10 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac 2018

10 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac 2018

It can happen to anyone of us that we have lost an important file because of system crash or because we have accidently deleted something. This is an annoying situation because in the world of computer data is the most important thing to lose. But you should not be worried much, as not all is lost andyour deleted files can still be recovered. Even if you are a Mac user, you need not worry as we have compiled a list ofthe Best Data Recovery software you can get for Mac.

Best Mac Data Recovery Software

1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

It is a free file recovery software for Mac it works effectively to recover deleted photos music emails videos. It works perfectly for internal storage devices and for multiple storage devices as well such as from memory card, Digital camera. In just 3 Simple steps you can find everything you have lost or deleted accidently. You can download this application from the given link.

2. Alsoft:


If you find the things Missing from your Mac then do not worry you can recover deleted files in Mac from a scratch. This tool recovers your data securely that means there is no scope of misuse of your data in between. With all these qualities, the application is easy to use and affordable. This makes it one of the best data recovery software for mac.

Download Here

3. KrollOn track:

Another best Mac data recovery software is KrollOn Track. It is a perfect software to recover data from the hard drive, other storage devices like a pen drive or from optical media such as DVD, CD. This file recovery software for Mac can also recover data from Multimedia devices such from a digital MP3 player. This application does not take much time to recover your deleted files. Here is the link to download this product.

Download Here

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4. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery:

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

You can recover serval file formats using this recovery software. Not only the files you can also recover deleted emails and messages with the help of this software. This application is having a feature of creating image that help you to recover data from external hard drives which has bad blocks. You may find the interface very basic but if we talk about the efficiency to recover files then this tool really works well. This makes it one of the best tool to recover deleted files in Mac.

Purchase Stellar Phonix Mac Data Recovery Tool Here

5. Data recovery Pro:

Data recovery Pro

The tool is efficient enough to recover your data because of Many reasons such as because of power interruption, because you have accidently deleted a file and want to recover then back. The application allows you to recover data on your USB drives, SD cards and digital cameras. You can run scan in multiple recovery modes such as to recover partition, to recover hard drives and to recover digital disks.

Download Here

6. Softtote Data Recovery:

Softtote Data Recovery

Another best mac data recovery software is Softtote Data recovery. It is an all in one solution to recover deleted files on your Mac. It offers you fast safe and complete recovery solutions based on the need of Mac users. Apart from this you can also recover deleted images from your digital cameras including top manufactures. The data which you recover using this tool to recover deleted files in Mac is completely secure and the app claims that it does not share any of your information.

Download Here

7. UFLYsoft Photo Recovery:

UFLYsoft Photo Recovery

If you are looking for a specific software which can help you to recover your deleted photos then you must try uFlysoft recovery tool. As photos are the most precious memories so we cannot afford to lose them this application helps you to recover photos by performing a deep scan. It is an easy to use photo recovery software. The best part is if your purpose is to recover some deleted photos then you will not need to spend money in buying a full recovery software.

Download Here

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8. iDear Media Recovery:

iDear Media Recovery

Another file recovery software for Mac which helps you in recovering deleted Media files is iDear Media recovery. The application is very genuinely priced. Tough application is not having very funky interface and may look you a very basic application but if you want to recover some recently deleted media files then there is no harm in giving this application a try.

Download Here

9. Any Data Recovery:

Any Data Recovery

Next in our list of best data recovery software for mac is Any data recovery which recovers any deleted data under any situation. The application is compatible with almost every version of Mac OS X. You can retrieve your data in just three simple steps. The application allows you to recover your deleted data with ease and you can also contact support for any assistance regarding recovering your deleted files.

Download Here

10. Do your Data recovery:

Do your Data recovery

This application has two versions, one is available on the Mac app store and one is web version. App store version can recover lost files from DMG disk while on the other hand full web version can recover lost files from your disk and external hard drives such as pen drives or other removable devices. You may need to pay extra bugs for the website version.

Download Here

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So, these were 10 best data recovery software for Mac. So, if you have accidently deleted a file on your system, you do not need to worry. You can choose a software for data recovery from the above list and can get your deleted files back on your Mac.

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