How To Avoid Motorways And Tolls On iPhone Maps & Google Maps App

How To Avoid Motorways And Tolls On iPhone Maps & Google Maps App

If you are a person who commutes a lot, apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps could be among your most used smartphone apps. Navigating your way through traffic, suggesting you a shortest route and more, can be easy done with the help of these apps. Using these apps is a very simple task, you just need to enter your destination and the app will navigate you.

However, this is not the only way these apps could help, by customizing a few settings, you can get the maximum.

In this post, we have discussed how to avoid highways and tolls on iphone and google maps app.

Avoid Motorways And Tolls On iPhone Maps App

To avoid highways and tolls and reach your destination smoothly, you can change the settings from inside the iPhone settings app. Let’s check out how:

  • Locate Settings from your home screen and open it.
    iphone settings
  • Now look for Maps and click on it.

    maps in iphone

  • Go to Driving and Navigation.

    driving and navigation

  • Under Avoid option, you will get options or things that you can avoid Tolls, motorways.

    avoid tolls in map

  • Toggle the switch beside Tolls to the right to turn it on.

So, now you can escape tolls when using Apple Maps.

Avoid Motorways And Tolls On Google Maps App-

To avoid tolls and highways on Google Maps on your iPhone , follow these steps:

  • Locate Google Maps on your home screen and launch it.
  • Now pick a destination and click on the Directions button from the bottom of the screen.

    direction in gmaps

  • The screen will now show your location and destination and the time to reach there. You will see three dots icon.
  • Tap the three dots icon(located beside the search bar in the top right corner to get the settings menu.
  • Select “Route Options” and you will get options to avoid tolls, highways, and ferries.

    route option
    remember settings in gmaps

  • Toggle the switch to right to start avoiding tolls, and highways

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In this way, you can avoid tolls and ferries while on the route and reach your destination as soon as possible. Try this and let us know if you have any issues getting things done!

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