How to Fix Parse Error in Android

How to Fix Parse Error in Android

Android smartphones have a huge customer base all over the globe as compared to iPhone users. Due to its large application store, users get benefits of mostly all the features which are available on Windows-based laptops. Also, for advanced users, Android is an all-time favorite as it is an open source operating system, that is, it can be customized as per their choice.

Apart from best qualities, Android OS is always surrounded by different bugs and errors which cannot be ignored. One such issue is a common and very old error seen while installing Android apps which is ‘Parse Error’.

If you are an advanced user and always love to customize your Android device using root access or by any other means, then you may get this error while installing an application.

What Made This Error to Occur?

What Made This Error to Occur

There are several reasons because of which Parse Error occurs while installing an application. So let’s look at a few reasons behind Parse Error in Android device:

  1. If the app is not compatible with your device.
  2. If you have made changes to the manifest of the app.
  3. If your security app is blocking installation of the app.
  4. If permission to install the third-party app from the unknown source is disabled.
  5. If the downloaded .apk file is partially downloaded or corrupted.

So How to Resolve Parse Error?

As there are several reasons behind this error, hence it can be resolved by several methods. Below are some methods that you can try to resolve this error:

1. Enable the permission to install an app from unknown source

By default, settings to install any app from the unknown source is disabled as this may harm your Android device. Therefore, if you are installing any application from sources other than Play Store, then you may get this error.

To enable it, just go to Settings and search for ‘Install Unknown apps’ and enable it. This will let your app get installed on your Android device. In case you still get the error, it is better to move to next method shown below.

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2. Disable the security application

Most of the Android security applications block the installation of apps which are from unknown sources or not from Play Store and this may result in Parse Error. So, if you are getting this error, then disable the security app for a small period which is installed on your device and then try to install your app.

3. Enable USB Debugging option.

Enabling the USB Debugging is not always required to install an app from unknown source. However, enabling this option solves the problem of ‘Parse Error’ for many users.

To enable USB Debugging firstly you will need to get into the Developer mode on your Android phone. So, go to Settings of your device and tap on ‘About Phone’, from here, find ‘Build number’ and tap on it for 7 times, this will enable the USB Debugging.

Now again go to settings and find Developer Options and from here find and enable the option of USB Debugging.

4. Check the Manifest file of your app

Some users are really advanced who can make different changes in the app to modify it as per their need. If you are one such advanced users who is aware on how to customize the app as per need, then you may face the issue of Parse Error.

So, if you have made changes to the Androidmanifest.xml file of the app, then try to restore it to its original or default state.

Additionally, if you have made changes to the name of the .apk file, then rename it to its original name, this will really help to come out of this issue.

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 5. Partial downloaded or corrupted .apk of App.

If .apk file of the app is not downloaded completely then, this will fail to install the app due to parsing error. Also, if the .apk file of app is corrupted due to any technical reasons then this will result in the failure of installation and you may see the Parse Error.

6. Compatibility issue

If you are still getting a message of Parse Error even after you have performed all the above provided steps, then it should be due to compatibility issue. Yes, if the app is not compatible with your device either due to your device having older OS version or the app is far older than the current version, then it comes under compatibility factor.

Therefore, if you have older OS version on your device then try to find and install older versions of the app. You can easily find it on different websites.

Whereas, if you are installing .apk file of your app which is older than current version, then you should download and install the app from Google Play Store. You will surely able to come off the loop of Parse Error.

7. Reset your Android device

If you find no solution to get rid of Parse error, then you should opt to reset your device. Yes, due to different installations and uninstallation of apps, due to some unique settings of your device and cause the issue of Parse Error. So, take a complete backup of your files, contact, messages, etc. and reset your phone. This will help you to get your device with default settings and refreshed.

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Suggestion: If you are using an Android phone which has a very old OS version i.e. 4.0 and below, then you should change your device with the latest one because now android technology has lots of advancements and upgrades, therefore the android apps are made accordingly which are most compatible with latest devices. So, if you try to use the latest apps on your old android phones, then you may face different compatibility issues like Parse error or your device will get freeze while using the app.

Parse Error is a very common issue which is faced by different users while installing any app on Android Phone. So, if you are getting such prompt, then follow these methods which may help you to get rid of this error.

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