How to Get More out of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

How to Get More out of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, as the name suggests, is a software designed to help users remove not only duplicate photos but also similar images.

Duplicate photos, generally are a result of clicking 3 to 4 photos in the same place and pose, to get the best shot possible. Or, they could also be downloaded photos that you forgot about and re-downloaded them later.


How Does It Help?

Well, this software offers two main benefits:

Organized Photo Library. Once the duplicate and near identical images are deleted, you can have a more organized photo collection without having to skip every time you view or show your memories to someone.

Save Disk Space. In today’s world, with everything being digitized, our songs, movies, documents and photos take up all our disk space. Even the best hard disk with the maximum RPM and capacity in Terabytes will always seem too less. So, to make the best utilization of our disk space, software which help to manage our precious stuff are like a boon. And with that as a fact, Duplicate Photos Fixer helps us to remove all the identical and near identical photos and save disk space. Download Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro here-

For, help on how to use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, please check out this link

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There are two main options in Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro:

Exact Match.

exact match photos duplicate photos

This option helps the user to remove duplicate copies of an image which are identical. Duplicate images accumulate in our system for many reasons like downloading an image twice, similar image sent by more than person etc. The advanced features in out cameras and smartphones are the main culprit for multiple copies of the same images as they rename the images by adding a suffix and copy the same photo more than once.

Similar match.

similar match option

This option helps the user delete those images which have certain similar features. There are a few settings which can be tweaked as per user’s discretion.The Similar Option looks like this:    Example of a Similar Image.(Notice the leaves on top-centre)

Matching Level

The first setting and probably the most important one which the user will encounter is the Matching Level. Matching level determines the degree of similarity between two images. There is a pointer which can be positioned to Low on the Left to High on the right. The comparison of the levels has been highlighted below:

  • Low Matching Level:

low matching level

Choosing this level enables the user to group and delete images with a wide level of diversification. Notice the image below. As the Slider is positioned on the left towards low, the difference in the images can be observed with the Butterfly on top of the flower in the first image and the same butterfly is near to the flower on the second image.

  • Middle Matching Level:

middle matching level dpf

The Slider Position in the below image is at the default setting. When a user slides the pointer towards the middle, he/she reduces the degree of the similarity between two images. The search results with the slider at this position would be less as compared to the above option. Notice that the butterfly is nearer to the flower now which will result in near identical images to be grouped for deletion.

  • High Matching Level:

high matching level duplicate photos

The Slider when positioned to the far right reduces the degree of similarity and the search result is narrowed down even further. Notice that when the slider is at High, the two images below are almost identical.

Bitmap Size

The Second setting while choosing the Similar Match Option is the Bitmap Size. The search results depend on the user selection of Bitmap settings. It helps to manage the accuracy of the search result by adjusting the slider between performance and quality.

  • The default setting of the Bitmap size is 64 Pixels as shown below.
    bitmap size pixel
  • The user must slide towards performance for quick and near accurate results.
    size bitmap
  • The user must slide the pointer towards quality for highly accurate results.
    high size bitmap

Time Interval

The third setting while running the similar match option is Time Interval. It helps the user to select the difference between the time interval of the two photos which are likely to be near identical. The default setting of the time gap between two images is 30 seconds.

time interval in dpf

The maximum time difference considered between two images is 24 hours. Sliding the pointer towards left enables the software to select and group more images which are like each other.

The minimum time difference considered between two images is 1 sec. This setting can be achieved by sliding the pointer to far right. This setting is useful when the user has taken rapid fire snapshots in quick succession to capture a moment and then can select the best one among them and delete the rest.


The final setting in the similar match option is GPS. As the name suggest, it checks the embedded coordinates of the photos. The default setting is set at five meters.

gps data in duplicate photos fixer pro

The minimum setting is one meter and when the pointer is positioned at ‘Less’, then the software will group only those photos as similar where the actual distance between two images is one meter.

The maximum setting is 100 meters which would be considered while scanning the photos added by the user.

One of the default settings of Duplicate Photos Fixer is the minimum file size included in scan is set at a default setting of 50KB. IF the user wants to eliminate duplicate image files below the file size of 50 kb. Then the user can do so by changing the settings.

Clicking on the settings option on the top right corner of the screen, enables the user to access the settings panel of the Duplicate Photos Fixer. In the settings menu, the second option ‘Scan Criteria’ helps the user to select the image file extensions. Below this box there is an option of ‘Minimum File Size included in scan’ which is set at 50kb by default.

settings option in duplicate photos fixer pro

The user can change the minimum file size by editing the text box or clicking on the scroll button. The data storage unit can also be switched from KB to MB. The minimum file size of the image that can be imported is 10 KB and the maximum is 1023 MB.

minimum file size in duplicate photos


All the duplicate marked photos will be moved to the recycle bin after the user clicks on “Delete Marked”. The user must then delete them manually from the recycle bin. However, if the image is stored on a network or external drive, then the image will be permanently deleted. Download here.

Images with .raw extension are not supported by Duplicate Photos Fixer. A RAW file is an image clicked by digital cameras such as Sony, Canon etc. RAW files are used for storing actual untampered image data as captured by a digital camera.

Duplicate Photos Fixer is a powerful tool that actually helps to cherish one’s memories and relive the moments as it assists in providing the user a duplicate free and organized photo library.

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    Jacob van Vaardegem September 6, 2018 at 6:45 am I just purchased Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, and was led to believe that it was a one-off purchase. But when I log on to SafeCart it shows this is a semi-annual subscription, suggestion that it will cost me money every half a year. Is that true, and if so, how much would you charge per half year? And if I cancel the subscription, does that render the software useless, or does it mean I won’t get any updates anymore, or what else? The subscription was nowhere mentioned in any of your advertising, so I’m not pleased! Jacob
      Systweak Team September 6, 2018 at 5:45 pm Please note you have purchased the product under automatic semi-annual subscription. In which you will be charged every six months with the same amount in which you have purchased the product. Also note canceling the subscription means that you will not be charged for the product again, it does not mean that the order is canceled or refunded. Also, the license key of the product will remain valid for 6 months. To continue using the product after 6 months you need to renew the subscription. Additionally, we would like to bring to your attention that it is clearly mentioned on the purchase page under the product name, that the product comes with the semi-annual subscription.

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