5 Technological Breakthroughs That Will Reshape The World In Next Five Years

5 Technological Breakthroughs That Will Reshape The World In Next Five Years

IBM predicted that in the coming 5 years, technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, Crypto Anchors and Computers built through Blockchain Technology, will pave way for new solutions. These will help tackle issues such as food safety, authenticity of manufactured components, genetically modified products, identification of counterfeit objects and provenance of luxury goods.

From World’s tiniest computer smaller than grain of salt to AI powered microscopes, here’s a list of technological advancements that will impact the lives for the next 5 years.

1. IBM designed product –

IBM designed product

Image Source: Zee News

World’s smallest computer that will cost less than 10 cents to manufacture will be able to monitor, communicate, analyze and act on data. This product will be designed with the help of Blockchain technology and cryptographic anchors, which will be embedded into everyday devices. “They’ll be used in tandem with blockchain distributed ledger technology to ensure an object’s authenticity from its point of origin to when it reaches the hands of the customer.”, said Arvind Krishna, Head of IBM Research.

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2. AI powered Robot Microscopes-

AI powered Robot Microscopes

Image Source: IBM Research

Networked in the cloud and deployed worldwide, these robotic microscopes are robust enough to constantly monitor the health of oceans around the globe. AI powered robots are used to figure out if the water bodies are healthy, and can also monitor the extent of water pollution in large bodies. Tech Giant, Krishna, highlighted how different types of technologies are coming together, particularly with AI, to solve unexpected environmental problems.

3. Use of Crypto Anchors to fight Counterfeiting –

Use of Crypto Anchors to fight Counterfeiting

Image Source: nextbigfuture.com

What crypto anchors basically do is that they embed tiny codes, like QR codes in a way that it can authenticate a product’s origin till it reaches the customers. And if any kind of tampering is done, crypto-anchors will help crack-down counterfeiting as well as ensure security in the food supply chain. With global losses worth $600 billion a year through fraud and counterfeiting, crypto anchors will ensure everything from food, to diamonds, to life saving medicines.

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4. Lattice Cryptography-

Lattice Cryptography

Image Source: securityboulevard.com

As more and more sensitive data is being collected and stored online, security measures for the same are needed to keep pace with growing capability of hackers. As powerful computing devices become cheaper and more available, Lattices can be used that will hide sensitive data inside in a complex algebraic structure. Lattice cryptography can constantly fight with hackers and through encrypted codes it will ensure that bad guys can’t touch your personal data.

5. Explosion in biased AI –

Explosion in biased AI

Image Source: thenextweb.com

Most of the AI systems are only as good as the data they are trained on, and if that data has been collected in a negotiable way, then the outcomes are unlikely to fit with the real world & they can become a reason of some unbiased results and decisions. New innovations would be made into AI systems that would hopefully be able to make decisions with less bias, but the challenge is that Artificial Intelligence gets trained on data so it becomes very quintessential to train AI systems with no bias and if that data has a bias then your AI will be biased.

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These above mentioned technological breakthroughs certainly sound enticing and since they’re backed by IBM, we can certainly take their word. Nonetheless, there’s still some time before they’re introduced and we can only but wait before these marvellous technologies can actually make a mark.

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