6 Useful Features Offered by Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

6 Useful Features Offered by Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Windows 10 is soon about to release their latest update, which is somehow expected to be called as Spring Creators update. Initially, Microsoft announced it to launch it by the 10th of April but due to some serious bug implementation, the release has been unexpectedly postponed for a few more days.

But don’t be disheartened, Windows 10 will surely get new features and design tweaks very sooner or later. So, here are a few features that happen to be the major highlight of Windows 10 Spring Creators Update.

Let’s check each one of them in detail.

1. New Timeline Design

New Timeline Design

 The earlier versions of Windows (Fall Creators Update) showed thumbnails of all the active apps when you used to click the Task view button on the right of Cortana. But now in the Spring Creators update, tapping on Task view button will display a timeline which will include all the recent activities and files that you have accessed in past 30 days. It will provide a better ease of access that allows you to open any file in just one click.

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2. Nearby Sharing

Nearby Sharing

 Just how Apple’s Airdrop works, Microsoft will now support Nearby Sharing that will allow you to share files and data with nearby connected PC’s. For this all you want to make sure is that all PC’s must run on Spring Creators update and support Bluetooth connectivity. You can get the new Nearby sharing button in the Action center and access the settings by heading on to Settings > System > Shared experiences. Here you can set the privacy preference from either Everyone nearby or My devices only.

3. Focus Assist

Focus Assist

Remember the Quiet hours feature of Windows 10? Quiet hours were more like a Do not disturb mode which used to disable notifications for a certain period of time. But now with Spring Creators Update, the Quiet hours feature gets enhanced and will be now called as “Focus Assist”. With Focus assist, you get three options: Off, Priority only and Alarms only.

To access Focus Assist on Windows 10, head on to Settings> System> Focus Assist and follow the on-screen instructions to use it.

4. Enhanced Password Recovery

Enhanced Password Recovery

 The Spring Creators update not just brings new design tweaks but has also offers enhanced security for your Microsoft account. With Spring Creators update, Microsoft now allows you to update three security questions for your local account. To set up security questions head on to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options and tap on Update your security questions.

5. Mute Tabs in Edge Browser

Yes, finally a big relief is here! With Spring Creators update you will finally be able to mute tabs on Edge browser. Simply tap on the speaker icon in the app tab to mute notifications and click on it again to unmute it.

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6. Choose on Your Graphic Settings

Choose on Your Graphic Settings

 With Spring Creators Update you can now pick your onboard graphic settings. Head on to Settings > System > Display and click Graphic settings, choose your apps and set your graphics preferences for each as power saving or high performance.

So, fellas good things are coming to your way! Here were a few reasons why we’re all eagerly waiting for Windows 10 Spring creators update. Stay tuned and watch this space for more such updates.

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