10 Best Identity Theft Protection Services
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10 Best Identity Theft Protection Services

Digital Identity has become mandatory. No more restricted to social media pages, with the help of technology, one can choose a life partner, the next job, make travel plans and one can even share their view with the entire world with articles by posting them online. In times of such technological advancement an evil lurks in the shadows. Digital Identity Theft has become a norm. In such times when our credit cards, debit cards, social security numbers for that matter even our house number if shared on a malicious site can lead to complications unknown, identity protection services are our last resort. Hence, keeping this in mind, we have for you the perfect tools for digital identity theft protection with which you can protect your identity and know how to protect your family from identity theft.

Top 10 Identity Theft Protection Services

Here is the list of best identity theft protection services-

1. Advanced Identity Protector:

advanced identity protector

Key Features:

  • Stores sensitive data and encrypts it for added security.
  • User friendly interface for easy access.
  • Stores the data in a separate encrypted vault with password protection.
  • Schedule automatic scans for advanced protection.
  • System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

In the quest to learn how to protect yourself from identity theft, Advanced Identity Protector comes on the number one spot. It protects your precious Digital Identity from any type of theft or attempts at hacking. Created by Systweak Software, it offers its users a vault feature. It is here, that the application automatically stores the scanned confidential data. This can only be accessed by the unique password that you have created. It scans the PC for hidden identity traces such as passwords, email ids, login details and credit card information, on your computer which makes your digital identity vulnerable. The minute you access said malicious sites, you make your PC vulnerable. With this advanced Identity protection service, users can scan and secure data. Schedule scans adds an additional layer of security on a regular basis, so you don’t have to manually.

Advanced Identity Protector scans for sensitive information stored on web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome; emails clients Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express, all file types such as .doc, .docx, .xlsx, .xls, .pdf, .txt, .rtf. etc. along with Windows Registry. Any hidden and sensitive information on the Windows Registry is easily detected. This is the perfect tool for someone who wants to know how to avoid identity theft from happening in the future.

To Know More About Advanced Identity Protector watch this video.

 2. ID Shield:

ID Shield
Key Features:

  • Provides Identity Restoration.
  • IDShield Vault Password Manager offers to save all passwords.
  • IDShield offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

Id Shield offers to its users a complete plan with which they can protect their identity, their social security and even offers bank account monitoring, new account alerts, medical ID number monitoring, and file-sharing network. That’s a whole lot of options in one package! One of the key features of this identity protection service is that it has a fully functional mobile app that is compatible on iOS and Android. This application is easy to use and makes it easy to check any alerts that come your way even if you’re away from your PC. It offers separate plans for family and few aimed at children too. With the multiple ways to prevent identity theft, ID Shield ranks at number 2 on our list for the 10 Best Identity Theft Protection Services.

3. IDFreeze by myFICO:

IDFreeze by myFICO

 Key Features:

  • Monitors Identity and Credit History
  • Best For detecting unauthorized access of identity in medical services

Although IDFreeze by myFICO is a bit less feature-rich than other tools in the list, you can still use this powerful software to protect your important records from hackers.

IDFreeze, considered as one of the best identity protection services is primarily used for keeping an eye on important data such as social security number, bank account and credit card details etc. It immediately intimates you of any unauthorized activity that can result into loss of your precious data.

The software quickly checks public records to make sure that you are not recorded with any unfavorable verdicts or another address. This helps you identify if your identity is being misused. Moreover, the tool also monitors medical records, which is considered as one of the most preferable areas for identity theft. Hence, the tool makes sure that you don’t pay another person’s medical bills. IDFreeze also alarms credit reporting agencies in case your identity is hacked. It also helps you contact the bank ASAP to cancel account transactions if you have lost your wallet. The only problem with IDFreeze is that it does not provide recovery services in case your data is stolen.

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4. ProtectMyID by Experian:

ProtectMyID by Experian- protect identity theft

Key Features:

  • Offers a Sample report on the status
    ProtectMyID is a great option for users looking for exhaustive credit monitoring. One of the biggest reasons why this tool is in the list of best identity protection software is because it is backed by a major credit bureau, Experian. Users will get updated about daily monitorings through Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. Additionally, for AAA members, they can pair their normal auto coverage alongside ProtectMyID service. However, there are some points we didn’t like about ProtectMyID.
  • The tool has limited customer support in comparison to other software in the league.
  • There is no chat support for the users.

5. Identity Force:

Identity Force

Key Features:

  • Customizable Banking Alerts
  • Amazing Customer Support
  • Extensible Monitoring Services
  • Includes Computer Protection Tool

IdentityForce provides amazing customer support, convenient alerts and wide-range monitoring services. The product offers thorough coverage at an affordable price.

Many features that exist in premium versions of various identity theft programs can be found in IdentityForce’s standard version. The software provides features like medical record fraud protection, thorough monitoring from different bureaus etc. It also removes personal data from mailing lists and databases.

6. Life Lock :

Life Lock- identity theft protector

   Key Features:

  • Round the Clock customer support
  • Stolen/lost wallet protection
  • Convenient Alerts
  • Regular Mobile Updates

LifeLock is one of the best identity theft protection tools that you can find in the market. It offers amazing account access, 24*7 customer support, good coverage selection and quick alerts regarding any authorized activities.
However, LifeLock does not include any family plan. Plus you will need to buy premium plan for complete features as standard version includes limited features.

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7. ID Watchdog Plus:

ID Watchdog Plus- protect identity

Key Features:

  • Helps to recover identity even though you’re not a user of its identity monitoring services
  • Monitors credit report, social security number, address etc.

Even though you aren’t a user, you can avail identity protection services through ID Watchdog. ID Watchdog protects various personal information like financial records, social security number, address etc. It also assures and insures your identity in case it’s stolen. However, ID Watchdog Plus does not delete personal data from mailing list and databases.

8. Relia Shield :

Relia Shield

 Key Features:

  • Offers Important Alerts and Monitoring
  • Provides Report of Known Offenders
  • Provides Family Protection Plan

Relia Shield is one of the best identity theft protection software. It is well suited for both families and individuals. It efficiently monitors personal data in the standard version, for advanced features, you can avail higher subscriptions.

It offers cool features like SSN monitoring, social media monitoring, neighbourhood predator monitoring, restoration services, $1 million insurance, instant data breach updates, public and court records monitoring etc.

Unfortunately, it can only monitor one credit bureau.

9. Credit Sesame:

Credit Sesame- identity protecor

Key Features:

  • Industry-standard encryption methods
  • Receive credit monitoring alerts
  • Offers the users US $ 50,000 in identity theft protection insurance.

What really attracted us to Credit Sesame was the fact that it markets itself as the most advanced Identity theft protection application in the market. By offering its users US $ 50,000 as a protection sum, in case of an identity theft ( a service that it provides for free) makes one want to jump on the chance and sing right up. But, as with many companies, it also says that if you sign up for its platinum service, one gets extra features like social security number monitoring and $1,000,000 in identity theft insurance. How is that for a bargain? A secure portal that is considered secure by Norton, McAfee, and ETrust, it hits all the tick boxes in our opinion.

10. Check My File:

Check My File- identity theft protection service

Key Features:

  • Gathers Information From Four Credit Agencies
  • Helpful Charts and Graphs

Checkmyfile is a identity theft protection software that can enable you collect information from different credit agencies such as Crediva, Callcredit, Equifax and Experian altogether in one report. Therefore, you can ideally never miss any fraudulent activities if triggered through your personal details.It may help you resolve different credit issues with a unified report.

But one of the drawbacks of the software is that it doesn’t support automated monitoring as well as does not provide any alerts. Other than that, Checkmyfile creates excellent reports. It generates reports with help of informative charts and stunning graphics.

We have come up with the best identity theft protection programs with this article. We hope it proves helpful. There you have it folks. Do share your experience with the identity theft prevention services in the comment section below.

Comparison Table for Identity Theft Protection Services

Product NameExtensive ScansEncrypted SecuritySecure Vault StorageCost of ProductBuy Now
Advanced Identity ProtectorYesYesYesUS $ 39.95 /yrBuy Now
ID ShieldYesYesNoUS $ 239.4 /yrBuy Now
ID Freeze by My FicoYesYesNoUS $ 359.4/yrBuy Now
ProtectMyID by ExperianYesYesNoUS $ 239.88/yrBuy Now
Identity ForceYesNoNoUS $199.50/yrBuy Now
Life LockYesNoNoUS $ 359.88/yrBuy Now
ID WatchdogYesNoNoUS $ 219/yrBuy Now
Relia ShieldNoYesNoUS $ 263.99 /yrBuy Now
Credit SesameNoNoNoUS $239.4 /yrBuy Now
Check My FileNoNoNoUS $ 255/yrBuy Now

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